Customize Landing Page Elements with Floify’s Visual Editor

Customize Landing Page Elements with Floify’s Visual Editor

For many Floify customers, the platform’s branded landing pages function as the first digital impression their borrowers will receive when beginning the mortgage process, or simply logging in to their secure portal.

A high-quality image of the LO greets them, as well as the mortgage company’s logo, name, and relevant information – ensuring that the borrower instantly knows they’re in the correct place.

If the borrower is being sent to a co-branded landing page that the LO has created with a Realtor partner, they will also see the partner’s image and information just below the LO’s.

And for some, that is plenty.

But others want more granular control over that all-important first impression.

They want to make adjustments to the text so it says exactly what they want or to change the color of the call-to-action so that it fits the company’s branding. This can be especially important when a lender embeds Floify within their own website and they want a smooth, connected look-and-feel.

For customers that do want this additional layer of control, Floify has made it incredibly simple to make edits to select colors and text elements on the company’s landing pages.

By utilizing the system’s in-browser visual editor, a company admin can make the desired customizations right on the screen and be able to digest what those edits would look like in real-time.

floify in-browser landing page customizer

This eliminates the need to toggle between a configuration screen and a live landing page just to see what prospective changes would look like.

What Can Be Configured with the In-Browser Editor?

The in-browser editor allows for the on-screen configuration of several important elements of the landing page, including:

  • Introduction text and font color
  • Mortgage, refinance, and debt-to-income calculator text and font color
  • Apply Now loan application button text and background-color
  • Log In button text and font color
floify landing page customizer description text

A significant benefit of utilizing the in-browser editor to make these adjustments is that no change will go live on the company’s landing pages until the edits are saved.

This empowers the admin making the changes to test out different variations in order to find the combination of text and color scheme that best evokes the brand and attitude the company has carefully crafted.

With the ability to quickly reset an element to its default state, or cancel all of the changes and re-enter the editor for a fresh slate, its easy to get your hands dirty and see exactly what it would look like if the Apply Now button was orange… or black!

Eager to give it a try? Head over to the Floify Help Center for instructions on where to locate the in-browser editor from your company dashboard.