Track Over 100 Events With Floify’s Updated Audit Log

Track Over 100 Events With Floify’s Updated Audit Log

Who added this document request to the loan flow?

Was an email update sent to the borrower? How about via SMS? Did the Realtor get it as well?

When did this setting get updated?


Floify’s new and improved Audit Log feature makes it easier than ever to get the answers to these questions, and many more, by providing immediate visibility into over 100 different events that occur in the system.

In addition to the enhanced tracking capabilities, mortgage professionals can also now search or filter their Audit Log by event type, user, loan, or date to easily and quickly find the exact information that they need.

Gain Useful Insights Across Your Entire Operation

floify audit log

The new Audit Log tracks events across loans, teams, companies, and organizations within Floify. This allows various employees throughout a lending operation to access insights unique to their role.

Originators and their teams will discover a detailed paper trail for any activity that occurs on the loans they’re managing. This includes being able to trace every step of a document’s lifecycle, as well as milestones and notifications, prospect applications, and more.

Compliance and operations staff will be able to rest assured that they have full transparency into any changes being made on the backend of their account to settings, integrations, or users.

The Full List of Audit Log Events

The complete catalog of tracked events contains nearly 130 unique data points.

While that may seem overwhelming at a glance, please note that in order to simplify the process of searching for information, Floify’s Audit Log removes filters for any events that have not happened at least once.

  • AccountChek Disabled
  • AccountChek Enabled
  • Admin Added
  • Admin Removed
  • Borrower Added
  • Business Rule Added
  • Business Rule Deleted
  • Business Rule Updated
  • Closing Documents Agent Notified
  • Closing Documents Sent
  • Closing Documents Signed
  • Closing Documents Updated
  • Company Setting Updated
  • Company Webhook Endpoint Created
  • Company Webhook Endpoint Deleted
  • Company Webhook Endpoint Updated
  • Company Batch Cloned
  • Company Created
  • Company Deleted
  • Company Updated
  • Company Updated Settings
  • Custom Field Added
  • Custom Field Deleted
  • Custom Field Updated
  • Disclosure Settings Updated
  • Disclosures Deleted
  • Disclosures Sent
  • Disclosures Signed
  • Disclosures Updated
  • Document Accepted
  • Document Acknowledged
  • Document Created
  • Document Deleted
  • Document Downloaded
  • Document Rejected
  • Document Signed
  • Document Updated
  • Document Uploaded
  • Document Viewed
  • Email Failed
  • Email Sent
  • Inbound API Called
  • Integration Created
  • Integration Deleted
  • Integration Installed
  • Integration Uninstalled
  • Integration Updated
  • Layout Added
  • Layout Deleted
  • Layout Updated
  • License Added
  • License Deleted
  • License Updated
  • Loan Dashboard Updated
  • Loan Follower Created
  • Loan Follower Deleted
  • Loan Archived
  • Loan Changed Owner
  • Loan Changed Team
  • Loan Created
  • Loan Deleted
  • Loan Unarchived
  • Loan Updated
  • Milestone Checked Off
  • Milestone Created
  • Milestone Deleted
  • Milestone Moved
  • Milestone Unchecked
  • Milestone Updated
  • Note Updated
  • Outbound API Called
  • Prospect App Converted
  • Prospect App Created
  • Prospect App Deleted
  • Prospect App Read
  • Prospect App Unread
  • Prospect App Updated
  • Prospect App Viewed
  • Quick Pack Item Added
  • Quick Pack Item Deleted
  • Quick Pack Added
  • Quick Pack Deleted
  • Quick Pack Updated
  • Realtor Added
  • Realtor Removed
  • Realtor Updated
  • SMS Sent
  • Support User Added
  • Support User Deleted
  • Support User Updated
  • Team Setting Updated
  • Team Changed Manager
  • Team Cloned
  • Team Created
  • Team Deleted
  • Team Disabled
  • Team Enabled
  • Team Updated Settings
  • Template Document Category Created
  • Template Document Category Deleted
  • Template Document Category|updated
  • Template Document Archived
  • Template Document Created
  • Template Document Deleted
  • Template Document Downloaded
  • Template Document Prepared
  • Template Document Previewed
  • Template Document Unarchived
  • Template Document Updated
  • Template Document Viewed
  • Third Party Service Created
  • Third Party Service Updated
  • User Follower Added
  • User Follower Removed
  • User Permissions Updated
  • User Bulk Reassigned
  • User Changed Password
  • User Created
  • User Deleted
  • User Disabled
  • User Enabled
  • User Logged In
  • User Logged Out
  • User Switched
  • User Updated
  • User Updated Profile
  • Verification Request Created
  • Verification Request Updated
  • VOI Downloaded