Updated Deadline Reminder Scheduling and More

Updated Deadline Reminder Scheduling and More

One of the most powerful borrower-facing features of Floify, the platform’s automated deadline reminders, work behind the scenes to keep borrowers accountable and on-task with their documentation requirements.

To make this function even more useful, we just gave your deadlines a huge boost in customizability.

Check out the bevy of brand-new scheduling options as well as other fresh updates to the Floify platform. These can be put into practice to further enhance your workflow.

Updated Deadline Reminder Scheduling

Floify’s new flexible deadline reminder controls give users the power to fine-tune the sending schedule of these notices. You can specify exactly when, and how often, borrowers receive reminders both before and after the deadline on a loan has passed.

The configuration of optional blackout dates will instruct Floify to avoid sending deadline reminders on certain dates as well. Reminders sent on specific days of the week, weekends, holidays, or even dates specific to your business needs are customizable.

New 1003 Functionality

Floify’s dynamic 1003 includes a new configuration setting that allows you to require prospects to either first log into their Floify or create an account when using your Apply Now.

When activated, this new configuration enables additional functionality for your loan application:

  • Automatic Save: Loan applications automatically save as your prospects are completing them. Prospects can leave the page without losing their progress and can come back to complete their application at their convenience.
  • Mark Applications as Read/Unread: A new action button on your Prospects page allows you to mark applications as read or unread. This simplifies how origination teams track processing of applications. When you mark a prospect as read or unread, a message is added to the Audit Log so you can easily track which team members have worked on which prospect.
  • View Partially Completed Loan Applications: You can now view partially completed loan applications in the Prospects section of Floify.