Unveiling Floify’s Most Recent Product Updates

Unveiling Floify’s Most Recent Product Updates

With the conclusion of the holiday season, recent enhancements to the Floify mortgage automation platform may have gone unnoticed. Between usability and productivity updates, and new powerful apps and integrations with industry powerhouses, loan originators, and their teams will find that there are a number of new ways to further streamline their workflow.

Usability and Productivity Updates

Edit Document Category

In addition to their ability to edit a document’s name and description, Floify users can enjoy a new update. Now, users are able to edit and change the category of an uploaded document. This is especially helpful when borrowers upload one-off documentation as the category is not preset by default.

To change a document’s category, use the Edit Document icon to bring up the Rename modal.

mortgage document category management

Then simply select a new category, and save your changes.

mortgage loan document management

1003 Required Fields

This recent enhancement to Floify’s dynamic and customizable 1003 loan application allows Floify customers to optionally require the input of a social security number and/or date of birth upon loan application submission.

You can configure these quickly in your Apply Now settings.

New Business Rule Condition and Action

As we continue to grow the capabilities of Floify’s Business Rules automation feature, we’ve recently rolled out a new trigger Condition as well as another Action that can be automated via Business Rule.

Milestone Conditions

In order to trigger a Floify Business Rule, the system must first meet a certain condition. Business Rules can utilize changes to custom fields and other built-in loan data fields to serve as the trigger condition.

Now, they can also leverage your milestones. This gives Floify users the power to create business rules that trigger actions, such as a layout change, upon the check-off of a specific loan milestone.

Call-Webhook Action

In addition to Floify’s Change-Layout business rule action, we have recently added a new action for technical teams to utilize.

By using the Call-Webhook action, tech-savvy Floify users will have the tools available to create interactions between the Floify platform and other systems they may be using, without an intermediary such as Zapier.

One way our engineers tested this new business rule action was by creating a webhook integration with Salesforce. In their test, when the Application milestone is checked off in a Floify loan flow, a corresponding contact record is created in Salesforce.

This is just one interesting way to use this business rule action.

Floify Disclosure Desk Improvement

There is also an update for Floify Enterprise companies using Disclosure Desk to streamline the disclosing process across their company. With this particular update, communication with their borrowers will improve.

Disclosure document descriptions, which were previously blank, now include helpful instructions for the borrower. Many descriptions also inform borrowers about the importance of eSigning disclosures promptly.

Apps and Integrations

Streamlined Credit Reporting

Floify recently added a number of new apps to the Floify App Store, all of which focus on the credit history aspect of the loan origination process.

For Floify customers who utilize CreditPlus, Credit Technologies, or Sarma for their credit reporting needs, you can now use those services directly within your Floify account.

These new apps streamline the ordering of credit history. Furthermore, they result in the delivery of your borrower’s credit report into the yellow bucket of the corresponding loan flow – ready for your review.

Similar to the Equifax Trended Credit*Hi-Lite app, these services can be configured for automation upon loan application submission. Users can also order reports on a one-off basis from within an existing loan flow.

Byte Software LOS

We recently rolled out a new integration with the popular Byte Software LOS. This integration allows Floify to upload documents to a Byte loan folder, start loan files, import Fannie Mae 1003 loan data, and upload eConsents to Byte.

This integration is currently available for Floify Enterprise companies or those with C-level sponsorship with applicable setup fees.

Want the Byte LOS integration for your company? Ask your Floify account executive for more details.