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Transform Your Organization’s Lending Process with Floify

Transform Your Organization’s Lending Process with Floify

From the consumer’s perspective, the actual steps for obtaining a home loan have changed very little over the years.

Fill out application. Sign authorizations. Submit documentation. Submit more documentation. Obtain final approval. Sign lots of closing documents. Get keys.

What has changed, dramatically, is that borrowers are no longer satisfied by having to complete these tasks using manual, paper-intensive methods. They want secure and transparent digital systems that allow them to fulfill their obligations from the comfort of their couch.

This want has now transitioned into a need as people look to avoid person-to-person contact for the foreseeable future.

And while most lenders have moved to provide consumer-facing technologies, many implement a patchwork of solutions that don’t give borrowers the seamless, one login experience they expect.

That’s where Floify comes in.

Reinventing the Mortgage Borrowing Experience

By implementing Floify’s technology, a mortgage company is able to deliver on the promise of a better digital mortgage journey for its customers.

Out of the box, the platform’s modern 1003 loan application and point-of-sale portal give borrowers the ability to complete most of the process in a secure, web-based environment. But when enterprise lenders integrate the system’s Disclosure Desk solution with Hybrid E-Closing, they can truly provide a seamless experience.

Single Point of Access

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The largest issue when lenders patch together multiple systems is how fragmented using them feels to mortgage borrowers.

They may fill out an application in one place, submit documents in another, and have yet another system where they need to go to sign authorizations and disclosures.

Each of these systems could require separate login information and won’t offer a centralized location to review all of the loan documents that have been completed.

Disclosure Desk eliminates the fragmentation by integrating the Floify point-of-sale, a lender’s LOS, and the Docusign eSignature platform to systematically create disclosure documents within Floify and make them available for signing via the integrated Docusign functionality.

Borrowers would simply need to log in to their portal, using the same set of credentials for the entire process, to review and sign their disclosure documents.

Simplified and Streamlined Closings

hybrid e-closing

Once Disclosure Desk has been implemented, lenders can choose to give their borrowers another digital option to continue their loan with Hybrid E-Closing.

Hybrid E-Closing empowers borrowers to electronically sign non-notarized portions of their closing package in advance of their actual closing appointment.

Once documents have been signed by the borrower, they are automatically uploaded back to the lender’s LOS and transmitted to the closing agent.

The result is a much more focused and efficient closing appointment where all parties are in-and-out in minutes. The borrower completes the process by wet-signing the remaining documents, receives their keys, and begins to enjoy their new home.

By combining Floify’s flagship point-of-sale technology with the enterprise-grade Disclosure Desk and Hybrid E-Closing solutions, lenders can create the ultimate loan experience for borrowers and differentiate themselves as leaders in the mortgage industry’s digital evolution.

Discover more about these solutions and how they offer enhanced communication for borrowers, while also simplifying internal procedures and adding centralized tracking for lenders.