Streamlining the Mortgage Disclosure Process

Streamlining the Mortgage Disclosure Process

Ever since TRID flipped the mortgage disclosure world on its head, lenders have been seeking to find the most efficient way to deliver, track, and receive those disclosures, while also making sure to stay within regulatory compliance. The second part of this equation is that borrowers also want a fast and transparent process that gives them as much time as possible to digest the information contained within the mortgage disclosures.

In response to the industry need for a solution that provides a better experience for lenders and borrowers, Floify has created a system that centralizes and streamlines the electronic delivery, signing, and receipt of mortgage disclosures across a lending operation.

Floify’s Mortgage Disclosure Desk

disclosure deskThe process of requesting, collecting, and tracking borrower disclosures has remained a very manual process, often requiring dedicated teams to ensure strict compliance. With Floify’s Disclosure Desk, lenders can track their disclosure document requests, get time-stamps on all borrower communications and signatures, and can easily see the disclosure status of all loans in their pipeline through to completion. Once approved, disclosure packages are securely integrated with the lender’s LOS.

The integrated and centralized Disclosure Desk allows lenders to maximize the output of their origination workforce while also making it much easier to maintain compliance and protect closing timelines. When utilized on the enterprise level this solution removes the burden of managing mortgage disclosures from loan officers and their teams, allowing them to remain focused on pursuing high-impact activities that grow their business and that of the lender.

More Than Mortgage Disclosures

When used in conjunction with Floify’s other document and communication management features, lenders and their origination teams gain a huge boost in efficiency and speed. At the same time origination teams are presenting the digital mortgage experience preferred by borrowers, agents, and other loan stakeholders that gives them a competitive advantage in the pursuit of repeat and referral business.