Create a Single-Access Mortgage Experience Your Borrowers Will Enjoy

Create a Single-Access Mortgage Experience Your Borrowers Will Enjoy

Modern digital systems have become integral in organizing and providing transparency into complex aspects of everyday life.

You may do your general banking with one institution, invest with several others, and have a loan with someone else, but by using a platform like ‘’ or ‘You Need a Budget’ a person can see everything in one place and better understand how everything fits together.

No juggling of multiple websites and login credentials! It’s a much more efficient and enjoyable experience for the consumer.

With a process that has as many moving pieces as mortgage origination, it is no wonder that to a borrower things seem disconnected.

I submit my loan documents in one place, I sign my disclosures in another place, and I can find important loan-related information… in my email?

Borrowers should be able to respond to requests for information, review any documents or disclosures, and generally be able to get any loan-related details they would want in one single location.

To facilitate this type of experience for their clients, loan originators are using Floify’s deeply customizable point-of-sale as well as its suite of integrations to provide clients with full information transparency and easy access to the documents that make up their loan file.

Information Transparency

In 99% of cases, mortgage borrowers are not going to be experts on loan origination. Many will be first time homebuyers, and even if they have been through it before, any number of variables from changing regulations to changing loan programs could present a situation that challenges any understanding that has developed.

This means there will be questions. Lots of them.

But what it doesn’t have to mean is that the LO or their team is constantly having to answer those questions via phone or email. By being proactive in the way that information is shared, originators can give their clients a self-serve buffet that satisfies the most common questions that may arise.

What interest rate did I qualify for? What loan program am I using? When is my inspection? How much did the property appraise for? Where am I going for my closing?

These aren’t exactly top secret details that a client shouldn’t be privy to, and they don’t enjoy having to go searching for those answers any more than a processor enjoys combing through emails for documents.

They’ll do it if they have to. But there are better ways!

One way origination teams have been providing this information to their borrowers is by utilizing Floify’s custom fields and layouts to add those unique details directly to the borrower’s loan flow view.

floify fields layouts custom mortgage borrower view

This gives the borrower one single place to go, accessed by one set of login credentials, where they can see any and all relevant information about their loan or the process.

Giving them that level of transparency, which is easily accessible, not only enhances borrower satisfaction but also stops your phones from ringing off the hook and your email inbox blowing up from anxious clients. The more you empower your clients within the origination process, the more responsive and accountable they will be to get you what you need and move things along.

And because the fields and layouts are completely customizable, the loan team can determine for themselves what pieces of information they want to share and how/if borrowers can interact with it whether it’s a read-only single line of text or a downloadable PDF loan scenario file.

Loan Document Management

The second way that Floify is able to help originators provide their clients with a single access experience is by becoming the central hub for all of the loan documents involved in the financing.

This way everyone involved knows exactly what was submitted, what if anything is still owed to the file, and can quickly access and view uploaded documents or disclosures.

Nobody has to search through their email for anything. Clients don’t have to confirm whether or not you received what they sent. Instead, their documents are organized and accounted for right in front of their eyes.

Floify provides a secure and organized document management system for clients right out of the box, and LOs can take it the next step by accessing powerful integrations such as DocuSign for eSignature or one of Floify’s 50+ credit and direct-source verification providers.

When any of those integrations are utilized, Floify seamlessly pulls in the final documentation to keep it housed in the centralized repository.

**Enterprise lenders who use Encompass® as their LOS to generate disclosures and DocuSign as their eSignature platform can leverage Floify’s Disclosure Desk to create a beautiful single sign-on experience for borrowers where they will only ever have to log in to their Floify account to do everything they need to.**