The Newest Way to Find Out About Important Floify Updates

The Newest Way to Find Out About Important Floify Updates

We constantly add Floify updates to the platform. If you log in to your Floify account right now, you may notice our new update banner at the top of your loan pipeline.

We use this new in-app announcement banner to let customers know about important updates or upgrades to the Floify platform.

One thing to note: once you close the banner, it won’t come back until there is a new announcement. So, make sure you read carefully and take advantage of any links to additional information.

Additionally, we’ve even got an update to share now:

As you likely already know, there have been additional changes to the uniform residential loan application. By making these changes, we are focusing on collecting an expanded set of demographic data on mortgage borrowers. This includes questions about a borrower’s race, ethnicity, and sex. However, it also includes fields for mortgage professionals to report how they procured answers to those previous questions.

Furthermore, when you download a loan app out of Floify, we will also include the HMDA fields in the FNMA 3.4 Data File. This ensures regulatory compliance for our customers. Encompass integration users will find that the new HMDA fields map properly to the corresponding fields in an Encompass loan file.

Watch for the upcoming rollout of this update and our next major announcement coming to your Floify Announcement Banner!