Leverage Direct-Source Asset Verification via Floify’s Plaid Integration

Leverage Direct-Source Asset Verification via Floify’s Plaid Integration

Floify’s newest integration with Day 1 Certainty-approved verification provider, Plaid, allows lenders who have an existing Plaid account to seamlessly order and receive digital asset verification reports from Plaid directly from within their Floify user interface.

Plaid’s asset verification solution helps origination teams cut loan processing times by eliminating the sourcing and uploading of borrower bank statements. The inefficient and error-prone nature of this process is known to add days to the loan cycle, cause incalculable amounts of frustration, and steadily eat into the lender’s profit margin on the loan.

No more! With Floify and Plaid together, lenders can streamline the home financing experience for their borrowers, and unlock money and time-saving process efficiencies.

Once connected, the Plaid integration eliminates the need to navigate the Plaid user interface by allowing one-off report ordering from within a Floify loan flow.

To add more automation LOs can also configure the Plaid integration to automatically order asset verification for borrowers once their loan application in Floify is converted to a live loan flow.

Whether a request is triggered automatically or one-off, once the asset report has been generated it will be delivered directly to the corresponding loan flow, maintaining file integrity and document organization.

LO teams can connect their Plaid account to Floify within the Integrations tab of their account settings. A Plaid API key is required and can be obtained in the Keys area of your Plaid account.

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