Partners Credit joins Floify’s Growing Library of App Integrations

Partners Credit joins Floify’s Growing Library of App Integrations

The newest addition to Floify’s app integration library, Partners Credit, puts the power of seamless document management into the hands of loan originators who utilize Partners Credit as their credit reporting agency of choice, and Floify as their mortgage point-of-sale solution.

Seamless One-off Credit Reports

Through the Partners Credit app integration, originators and their team members will be able to avoid having to jump over to the Partners Credit user interface to complete their credit report ordering.

With the integration active, reports can be ordered directly from within a Floify loan flow via the Add New Document screen.

floify partners credit one off report ordering

Once the order form has been completed and submitted, it takes only moments for Partners Credit to pull the borrower’s report and seamlessly deliver it back to the yellow, pending review, area of the corresponding Floify loan flow where it is ready to be reviewed and approved by the lending team.

Important! Credit reports that are ordered and received by any of the Floify app integrations are never made visible to borrowers or partners, and can only be reviewed and/or downloaded by a member of the lending team.

Automate Credit Pulls with Floify’s 1003

Loan originators who utilize Floify’s interview-style 1003 loan application also have the option to configure the Partners Credit integration to automatically pull a borrower’s credit report upon the submission of a loan application.

This automation is used in tandem with the 1003’s built-in Credit Authorization to ensure a fully-compliant, yet fully-automated, process.

Whether reports are ordered one-off or via the 1003 automation, within moments loan originators will have access to the borrower’s credit report when it is delivered to the pending review area of the loan flow:

partners credit mortgage borrower report in the floify pending review area

Who Can Pull Reports Via the Partners Credit App Integration?

Any loan originator with an existing account with Partners Credit can install and utilize their Partner’s account credentials to order reports directly within Floify.

It’s that simple!

For loan originators who use a different CRA vendor, be sure to check out Floify’s integration directory to see if your provider has already been integrated with our system and start enjoying the benefits of unified document management.