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Easily Support Multiple Pipelines With Floify’s New One-View Dashboard

Easily Support Multiple Pipelines With Floify’s New One-View Dashboard

Floify has long offered mortgage lenders and origination teams the flexibility to share important support staff, such as loan processors, between any number of branches or individual loan originator’s pipelines.

This makes it easy for companies big and small to maximize their capacity and take advantage of time and cost saving efficiencies while only needing to expand their staffing when their organic growth demands it.

And now, with the release of Floify’s new one-view functionality, those critical employees can work even more effectively by viewing and accessing all loans that they support from a single consolidated dashboard.

one view all teams pipeline

Of course, shared users will still have the option to view any single pipeline that they are connected to, but by leveraging their one-view dashboard they can easily see what loans require immediate prioritization from across all of the pipelines that they support.

This functionality is also available for company admins, who will be able to view all loans across all teams in their company on a single pipeline.

Setting a Home Dashboard

edit home dashboard setting

Shared users also now have the ability to set a home dashboard that will be immediately visible upon logging in to their Floify account.

Currently, users default to the pipeline of their primary team upon login, but with this configuration can adjust that initial pipeline view to any other team they belong to or even their consolidated all teams dashboard.

The home dashboard setting can be found in the user profile.

Premium Credit Bureau (PCB) Integration

Floify recently added its 34th and 35th credit reporting agency integrations with Premium Credit Bureau (PCB) and Premium Credit Bureau (PCB) Data.

Now, loan originators who utilize these agencies for their borrower credit reporting needs can order reports directly within Floify by utilizing their existing PCB or PCB Data account credentials.

Once an order is placed, the full report will be delivered to the loan flow’s pending review area in seconds and is only accessible by the lending team.

Send Add New Document Notice From the Loan Flow

Users who prefer to utilize Floify’s on-demand version of the add new document notification feature will enjoy a small update to the user interface that was just rolled out.

Previously, a user would have to to back to their pipeline and locate the loan to activate the “paper airplane” action icon if they wanted to manually send those notifications.

With this update that icon will now also appear within the loan flow, making it simpler and faster to add new document requests or conditions to a loan and notify the borrower.