“My Lender Knows Exactly Where My Loan Documents Are,” Said No One Ever

“My Lender Knows Exactly Where My Loan Documents Are,” Said No One Ever

Floify.com announces new loan document organization capabilities, making it simple for lenders to find their loan documents fast.

Today, Floify.com announced that it has new capabilities to perfectly organize any lender’s loan documents:

  • Loan Dashboard: New “traffic light” metaphor aids in determining loan status at a glance
  • Deadlines: New graphic labels indicate whether loan deadlines are approaching or overdue

“Instead of searching for loan docs in their email and computer, lenders should come see what beautiful organization looks like when borrowers directly upload their loan documents into a Floify.com file cabinet,” said Dave Sims, Founder and CEO of Floify.com.

Dr Sims continued, “It’s almost comical the disorganization that can occur when borrowers are trying to send their loan documents to their lenders for a quick closing. Confusion reigns, borrowers don’t know the status of their loan, and lenders employ too many assistants simply to send emails asking for loan docs.”

What is Floify.com and what does it do for lenders?

  • Collects Loan Documents: Borrowers upload exactly the info lenders need.
  • Collecting loan docs by email is not secure. Sensitive financial information about your clients must never be transmitted over the Internet without proper security controls in place.
  • Loan Doc Dashboard: Loan doc status at a glance – for all loans.
  • Perfectly Organized Docs: Consistently organized, available anywhere on any device.
  • Increased Efficiency: Deadlines. Web forms. Secure downloads.