Multiple Milestone Sets, Bulk Actions, and More Now Available in Floify

Multiple Milestone Sets, Bulk Actions, and More Now Available in Floify

Floify just released a massive collection of new functionality designed to enhance and speed up workflows as well as improve upon the experience lenders deliver to their borrowers. Check out some of the highlights below!

Different Loans, Different Milestones

multiple milestone sets

Floify's latest offering empowers loan originators to ensure their milestone updates are in sync with the different loan type workflows they encounter by allowing teams to craft up to 10 unique milestone sets.

Whether processing an FHA loan, a VA loan, a refinance, self-employed, you-name-it, now LOs can make sure all of their borrowers receive the same level of service and timely information no matter what type of loan they've applied for.

Additionally, milestone sets can be configured with business rule logic that evaluates the data from a prospect's submitted loan application to determine the correct milestone set to apply to a loan flow. Milestone sets can still be adjusted prior to launching the new loan flow and can also be changed from the edit loan flow screen.

Lenders can clone then tweak milestone sets to speed up their development, customize the email template of EVERY milestone across all sets, and map any particular milestone for use in business rules, webhooks, and reporting.

Work Faster with Bulk Actions

bulk actions

New bulk actions give lending teams a more efficient way to process documents, loan flows, prospect applications, and more within Floify. Now, users can select multiple objects to process at once!

Approve or reject any number of uploaded documents in a single action, delete all of your abandoned loan applications in one swoop, or archive all of the closed loans on your pipeline without breaking a sweat.

Teams will also be delighted to find another improvement that was developed with this new feature: the ability to accept, reject, or delete a document while in the document viewer. Try it out!

Enhanced Rate Calculator with Optimal Blue

rate calculators

Lenders who have connected their Floify with the Optimal Blue product and pricing engine can now offer borrowers and prospects new integrated rate calculators directly on their landing page.

As the prospect enters information into the calculator, Floify uses the latest information from Optimal Blue to present estimated rates that dynamically refresh when any inputs are changed.

If the prospect decides to start a new loan application at that time, any data that was entered into the rate calculator will be pre-filled into their loan app to give a head start on completion.

Auto-Archive Flows to Keep Your Pipeline Clean


Floify's new auto-archive functionality helps top producing LOs keep their busy pipeline clutter-free to make searching dozens of loans much easier and faster.

With one quick configuration, lending teams can choose a milestone in each of their sets to function as the auto-archive trigger and set how many days after milestone completion the loan will archive.

Once the selected milestone gets checked, the countdown will begin to auto-archive. Teams will have the option to cancel the loan flow archiving at any point during this time if anything changes.

Want to see all of the details about what was released today? Head over to the Floify Help Center to view the latest release notes!