Create a Dynamic Entry Point for Your Digital Borrowing Experience with Floify’s Redesigned Landing Pages

Create a Dynamic Entry Point for Your Digital Borrowing Experience with Floify’s Redesigned Landing Pages

Floify’s redesigned landing pages are PACKED full of dynamic new features that will help loan originators create an outstanding first impression, and better engage with their prospects, clients, and referral partners!

Starting with a foundation of the modern, mobile-responsive design that LOs and borrowers have become familiar with, we’ve added brand new functionality like mortgage calculators, a simplified lead generation mechanism, and even improvements to the login/signup workflow for borrowers.

And that’s just the start.

Instead of having just one catch-all landing page to direct prospects toward, LOs can create a unique, co-branded landing page for ANY referral partner they’ve added to Floify.

And once the structure of the page is built, we’ve made it easier than ever to customize the look with an all-new in-browser visual editor.

Get ready to stand out from the crowd, and provide a fantastic digital borrowing experience!

Some Fine Print

  1. For detailed guidance on landing page customization, visit the Floify Help Center.
  2. The landing page redesign utilizes new technologies – if you were previously using custom CSS or HTML features for the landing page, it will be necessary to update your custom code for the redesigned page.

Calculators and Lead Generation

Loan teams can now add interactive mortgage, refinance, AND debt-to-income calculators to their landing page!

With these calculators active, prospects and borrowers alike will be able to run an infinite amount of scenarios, right on the landing page, to help gather information as they prepare for a mortgage.

Using advanced inputs like estimated property tax, HOA fees, or mortgage insurance costs allows prospects and borrowers to get a more accurate picture of their particular scenario.

floify landing page mortgage refinance dti calculators
floify landing page lead generation capability

Loan originators can also leverage the interactive calculators to capture more prospects by activating Floify’s new lead generation functionality.

Before gaining access to the calculators, a prospect would be required to submit a simple form asking for a few pieces of contact information.

When a prospect submits the form, Floify will send a notification to designated members of the lending team to alert them of a new lead for immediate follow-up.

Realtor® Co-Branded Landing Pages

floify landing page co-branded for a loan officer and a realtor working in partnership

Referral partners are incredibly valuable to a loan originator’s pipeline, which is why many LOs do everything they can to reinforce those relationships and provide differentiating services to their partners.

With Floify’s new co-branded landing pages feature, originators can help partners build their business while also ensuring mutual clients have a comfortable borrowing experience from the start.

Simply add an agent’s custom branding or headshot, along with contact information, to their partner settings in Floify and the system will create a unique hyperlink just for them. Lenders and agents can leverage that link in email co-marketing, event collateral, or even just direct referral.

Complete Company Control

floify landing pages company settings full

Like many other features in Floify, control over what functionality is available begins at the company-level.

Here, company admins can determine which aspects of the landing page their lending teams will have access to, decide if any of the new lead generation fields will be required of prospects, and standardize certain color styles and text fields on the landing page via Floify’s new in-browser editor (see below).

Once the company-level settings have been configured, each loan team will be able to decide how they want to set up their landing page, within the now established guidelines.

floify landing pages team settings full

This means that even though a company has granted access to mortgage calculators, a loan team can choose not to enable the feature. If a company has chosen to require certain lead generation fields, the team cannot override those requirements.

If a loan team utilizes the lead generation functionality, they can also customize which of the team’s members will receive the system’s new lead email notification.

In-browser Landing Page Editor

floify landing page in-browser visual editor

We’ve made it easier than ever for loan teams to dial in the look-and-feel of their landing pages.

With Floify’s new in-browser editor, company admins will have the power to customize certain colors and text areas of the landing page, right on the screen, and view what those edits would look like in real-time.

No more, “I made a change, I hope it looks good.”

Admins can experiment or test new designs rapidly, and no longer will have to make their customizations live just to see what they look like.

For more detailed instructions on customizing the landing page, please refer to the Floify Help Center.