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Using Floify’s Custom Fields, Layouts, and Business Rules to Manage Loan File Tasks

Using Floify’s Custom Fields, Layouts, and Business Rules to Manage Loan File Tasks

The most successful producers in the mortgage industry understand the value of systematically managing the tasks that need to be completed in order for them to efficiently move a transaction towards completion.

These originators have huge pipelines with many moving pieces and can remove a tremendous mental burden by establishing a dynamic task management system that makes it easy for themselves or team members to know where a file stands and what needs to be done next.

Whether it be software designed specifically for this purpose or a simple checklist attached to a loan file, there are several ways to put this system in place.

This is where Floify’s highly configurable custom fields, layouts, and business rules can become a valuable solution. This flexible functionality can be used for all sorts of creative purposes, but one of the simplest yet most impactful uses is task management.

No more spending money on additional software, checking the sheet stapled to the inside of a file folder, or wasting valuable time navigating into your CRM to see what is still outstanding!

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Creating Custom Task Lists in Floify

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Using Floify’s custom fields, loan originators can create unique checklists that perfectly match their workflow and can associate those lists with a default layout that is attached to new loan flows when they are created.

Of course, not all loans (or borrowers) are created equal and sometimes those task lists vary slightly based upon the product or situation. To accommodate these differences and make the process more dynamic, LOs can build out these other task lists in new fields and put them into their own layouts which can be switched automatically using business rule logic.

This can be accomplished by adding a dropdown field or radio button to the layouts that lists all of the different possible task lists you may utilize. Then, creating a corresponding business rule within Floify that keys in on this new field and changes the loan flow screen to a layout that matches what has been selected for a task list.

Floify doesn’t limit your layouts to just task lists. You can store and display any relevant loan or client data and can even create custom fields and layouts specifically for borrowers to view in their portal.

With a little bit of creativity and time, these customizations can be leveraged to give processors and loan teams a single place to go to monitor and organize the documents within a loan file as well as track and manage the tasks necessary to get an expeditious clear-to-close.

Check out our recent Tips and Tricks webinar featuring Floify’s custom fields, layouts, and business rules to get actionable insights into these powerful features or head to the Floify Help Center for more information.