manage mortgage tasks in floify

Simple and Efficient Task Management in Floify

The most successful business professionals, in just about any industry, understand the value of systematically managing the tasks that need to be completed in order for them to generate profits.

It’s a particularly critical piece for mortgage originators and their teams who juggle incredibly complex transactions on a day-to-day basis – with a seemingly infinite combination of loan products and borrower profiles.

That’s why most loan originators we speak to utilize some form of task management to keep their files constantly moving forward. Whether it be software designed for this purpose or a simple checklist attached to a loan file, there are a number of systems that can be used to accomplish the fundamentals.

Which brings us to Floify’s highly configurable custom fields and layouts, and their ability to add your specific task lists directly to the loan files in your Floify pipeline.

By simplifying processes and utilizing dynamic checklists it allows your team to work more freely, without having to spend time figuring out what to do next. Instead, it’s placed in front of them like a path that just needs to be followed.

No more checking the sheet stapled to the inside of a file folder or jumping into your CRM to see what activities are still outstanding.

Creating Custom Task Lists in Floify

Using Floify’s custom fields and layouts, loan originators can create their own checklists – divided into stages or any other device – that will live and be associated with each new loan started in Floify.

tasks lists on a floify loan flow

To accommodate the differences in process between loan types, multiple layouts can be developed and applied to the loan flow as necessary.

This can be accomplished by adding a dropdown field to the layouts that lists all of the programs that you may utilize, and creating a corresponding business rule within Floify that dynamically changes the screen to a layout that matches the loan type you’ve selected.

But how do you know which tasks should be prioritized?

Depending on your workflow, there are a number of possible options. A simple method would be to add a date field to your layouts that can be updated for your next touch or follow up. With this field in use, a LO or processor can sort their entire Floify pipeline based on the date of next touch, and elevate the files needing the most urgent attention to the top of the list.

To be clear, Floify doesn’t limit your layouts to just task lists. You can store and display any pertinent loan or client data on your layouts. This can be particularly useful to maintain data that is relevant to the completion of your tasks in order to streamline your processes even further.

With a little bit of creativity and time, these customizations can be put to great use to give loan teams a single place to go to not just monitor and organize the documents within a loan file but also track and manage the tasks necessary to get an expeditious clear-to-close.

Need a refresher on how to create and leverage Floify’s custom fields, layouts, and business rules? Check out our quick overview video in the Floify Help Center.