6 Ways Loan Management Software Upgrades the Mortgage Process

6 Ways Loan Management Software Upgrades the Mortgage Process

In every industry, finding ways to be more efficient is critical to increase output. In the mortgage industry, spending less time gathering and processing documents and communicating updates to your team and to your clients can dramatically increase the number of loans you can service. Below, we outline 6 ways Floify loan management software can streamline the loan approval process and improve your customer experience.

Centralize Document Gathering and Storing

Between emails, printed copies, and document versioning, it’s difficult to keep track of all of the forms required for a loan application. With Floify, you get a central location to store all of your documents electronically, and the ability to seamlessly update or replace documents as needed. This means less time spent tracking down lost documents or missing signatures.

Decrease Time Spent Signing Documents with E-Signature

Signing documents is probably the most laborious part of the mortgage application process. Traditionally, clients would have to visit your office and spend hours going through documents (or print them off at home and drop them off). Neither of these scenarios is efficient or cost-effective. With Floify, you can integrate with leading e-signature platforms like DocuSign to decrease the signature process from hours to minutes by allowing clients to easily sign forms from anywhere and any device.

Improve Security of Sensitive Customer Information

Mortgage applications require a host of personal information including Social Security numbers, asset verification, and relationship and job information. Instead of having these documents sitting on your desk or car waiting to be stolen, Floify enables secure electronic storage via its cloud mortgage automation software.

Automatically Update Clients

Applying for a mortgage is a very stressful time, and chances are your clients want to stay updated with every step of the process to ensure that they will be able to purchase the home of their dreams. Rather than forcing your team to answer calls, texts, and emails throughout the day, Floify allows you to automatically update customers when each stage of the application process has been completed.

Connect With Your Customers on the Device of Their Choice

68% of U.S. adults now own a smartphone, and 53% of smartphone users now utilize mobile banking. Given the trend towards mobile, it’s important to allow your customers to track their mortgage application, sign documents, and keep in touch with you via their smartphone. With Floify, you get a platform that enables your clients to track the mortgage application process from any device.

Win Repeat Customers

Not only should your loan management software enable faster and more accurate mortgage applications—it should also provide a stellar customer experience. With Floify, we make it simple for your customers to keep track of their application, sign and review documents, and get automatic notifications so they can focus on their house while you focus on the paperwork.