Floify Now Supports eSigning via Integrated Document Solutions (IDS)

Floify Now Supports eSigning via Integrated Document Solutions (IDS)

Floify now supports integration with IDS (Integrated Document Solutions) to provide eSigning capabilities within the Floify point-of-sale interface.

When this integration is active, Floify will automatically pull in document packages from IDS and trigger notifications alerting the borrower to a new request. To respond to an IDS eSignature request, borrowers will simply log in to their familiar Floify account and enjoy the benefits of a single-access integrated experience.

Floify White Labeling

Floify’s new URL white labeling gives lenders and originators the power to embed Floify within their website and display their own URL in the address bar.

With Floify white labeled and embedded, borrowers and prospects will be able to reap all of the benefits of the system while staying within your website’s ecosystem and branding.

To make the experience as seamless as possible, we’ve added configurations at both the company and team level where you can set your URL structure and have it automatically permeate throughout your email and text notifications so that your clients are always directed to your website (and not your Floify subdomain).

To embed and white label Floify requires a small amount of technical setup and a snippet of code to be added to your website. We recommend this be done by a qualified web developer.

For more information on the setup and configuration of the Floify white labeling feature, please refer to the Floify Knowledge Center.

1003 Employment Section

A new update to Floify’s 1003 loan application includes the addition of a standalone employment sub-section within the borrower’s Personal Info area. Previously employment was a component of the Income sub-section.

The expanded employment section makes it easy for borrower’s to enter the phone numbers and addresses of their current and previous employers as well as indicate periods of time in which they were not employed to fill in any gaps during their two year history.