floify surefire integration

Sync Your Floify Data with Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM

Sync Your Floify Data with Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM

Sync Your Floify Data with Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM

When it comes to mortgage lending technology, there are few things sweeter than when a loan originator’s CRM and POS work in tandem, automatically, to maximize the LO’s sales process while minimizing their effort.

Lenders and originators that utilize Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM alongside Floify now have the ability to establish a flow of data between the two systems to unlock new possibilities for sales and marketing automation.

Automatically Create New Contacts in Surefire

create new contact in surefire from floify

Whether you’re starting a new loan flow for a borrower or a prospect submits a loan application on their own, Floify will automatically create a new contact in the integrated Surefire CRM if it does not already exist.

The automation makes it incredibly easy to ensure that no contact is overlooked, data entry errors are mitigated, and you always have a complete customer database at your disposal.

This functionality is particularly useful for loan originators who utilize their 1003 as a lead generating mechanism on their website, as well as a first-line-of-defense to qualify prospects.

When integrated, contact data from the submitted 1003 will automatically populate in Surefire and can then be used to trigger custom rules and workflows within the CRM to automate follow-ups, marketing campaigns, task creation, and more.

Sync Floify Milestones to Surefire

map and sync floify milestones to surefire deal phases

Both Floify and Surefire utilize a form of loan milestones to monitor the progress of the borrower’s deal. There are advantages and flexible use-cases for both.

In Floify, the milestones are necessary to give the borrower a visual and easily accessible timeline of their loan. When they log in to their portal, they can see exactly where they are in the process and at exactly what point in the timeline a specific milestone was completed.

Many originators also choose to utilize Floify’s customizable email and text message templates to notify their borrowers and partners at the time when a milestone is reached.

But with Floify’s milestone sync with Surefire, originators have more options for how they take advantage of automation as they build their processes.

An LO can choose to utilize Surefire’s custom rules and workflows to deploy content, create tasks, or a number of other available actions when deals reach certain phases.

All an LO would need to do is simply check off a milestone in Floify (with or without the email and text updates) and the system would automatically complete the mapped phase of the borrower’s Surefire deal and initiate any rules and/or workflows that were pre-designed in the CRM.

With just a couple of clicks!

Are you using Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM + Floify? Get in touch with Floify’s Customer Support team to talk about integrating your systems!