How One Top Producer in Canada Uses Floify to Generate Huge ROI

How One Top Producer in Canada Uses Floify to Generate Huge ROI

The decision to implement a new system or technology into your mortgage origination operations has many parts and pieces. However, the potential to generate the most return relative to your investment should rate high in your evaluation of each technological service. The return on investment (ROI) can manifest in a variety of forms, depending on your business goals.

Some LOs want to increase the sheer volume of business they are generating. Others want to maximize the net profit on the loans they’re already producing. And then there are those who are already at the top of their profession, seeking to free up their time to pursue other interests without sacrificing their production volume or quality to do it.

This brings us to Calum Ross: a Canadian mortgage broker and wealth advisor who has originated more than $2.5 billion in mortgages for his clients over the course of his career.

Calum’s accomplishments don’t end there. He has, on multiple occasions, been ranked as Canada’s #1 producing mortgage professional, was the recipient of the 2014 Canadian National Mortgage Broker of the Year Award, and was named 2016 Broker of the Year by Mortgage Professionals Canada.

Considering his firm has a full and closed waitlist for new clients and only accepts those that are referred from an approved source, we can safely say that Calum has mastered the business generation part of his craft.

Looking beyond his successes as a mortgage professional, Calum also has a number of other interests, including authorship. He published his first personal finance book just last year.

By integrating Floify into his workflow, Calum and his team are able to maintain their incredible level of production, while simultaneously automating repetitive processes that are often very time-consuming.

“I signed up for Floify in 2015. In the last two years, I’ve averaged over $165 million in personal production and never email a client for documentation. The $50 monthly subscription cost contributed to my revenue of over $100,000 per month.” said Ross.

By using Floify to automate communication with clients about documentation needs and having the system organize those docs in one easy-to-access location, Ross has not only provided an improved experience for his clients but also created a huge efficiency boost for himself and his team.

“You don’t need a finance degree to know that is a massive ROI.”