How a Legacy Mutual Team Tripled Loan Volume Without Adding New Staff

How a Legacy Mutual Team Tripled Loan Volume Without Adding New Staff

Floify Interview with Legacy Mutual’s Hannah Windham

Hannah Windham
Production Associate III (front-end operations)
The Hughes Team
Legacy Mutual Mortgage Sonterra Branch
300 E Sonterra Blvd Bldg Four STE 460
San Antonio, TX, 78258

How did you come to land in the mortgage space?

I had no intention of becoming a loan officer. When I graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Sales and Marketing Operations, not only did I have little to no finance experience, I also had never worked full-time. My sales and marketing background got me hired as a Production Associate with Legacy Mutual’s San Antonio branch where I assisted the Loan Officer by following up with customers, collecting and analyzing support documentation, monitoring compliance with loan files, and preparing files for the operations team.

How has your loan volume grown over the past few years?

In 2014, we were processing 20 leads per month and closed $12 million in loan volume that year. There are only two of us on the team and we handle the entire process from initial loan application to closing. Our business has tripled since then and we now handle 80 leads per month and are targeting $40 million in loan volume this year. It’s still just the two of us but we’ve been able to put processes and technology in place that have allowed us to scale without hiring any additional staff.

What technologies do you rely on to help manage that growth?

We use Ellie Mae’s Encompass as the system of record for automating several aspects of the mortgage process. We also use Floify to simplify the document collection and approval process, streamline communications with borrowers and referral partners, and manage our loan pipeline from one screen.

How do you use Encompass and Floify together?

They work very well together and are the two main technologies we use to manage our entire loan origination process. Encompass is our primary data store for all the documents associated with a loan – the 1003 loan application, disclosures, appraisals, closing docs, etc. Floify is the customer-facing portal we use to manage all the day-to-day borrower communications, requests for documents, and where I can see and manage my entire pipeline. Borrowers have their own Floify interface and can upload files, e-sign docs, and ask me questions without filling up my email inbox. Floify integrates with Encompass so every document and communication automatically gets securely stored in my Encompass account. I pretty much have Floify open on my desktop all day because it’s my pipeline dashboard and helps me feel on top of every loan.

Why are those benefits so important to you?

Our business is 100% based on referrals from our partners and creating a positive experience for both the real estate agent and the borrower is critical to the growth of our business. Floify is extremely user-friendly and doesn’t require any training for our borrowers. There is only one step for them to log on and the interface is very intuitive. The emails that get sent from Floify with the needs lists and instructions are easy to understand. I have many clients who are not technically savvy at all and they have no problems logging on and uploading docs.

It has made my job so much easier because they don’t have to call me to find out what the status of their loan is or upload docs multiple times – they get instant updates from Floify, which saves me a ton of time. The notifications that borrowers get via email or SMS are very informative and have drastically reduced the number of times my day gets interrupted with calls or emails from buyers who are confused about the status of their loan.

Floify also helps me maintain accountability with my referral partners. All borrower communications and actions are time-stamped and organized, so I can easily verify when a document was requested and received without digging through emails or folders.

Floify enabled us to triple our business without having to hire any additional staff!

Hannah Windham, Legacy Mutual Hughes Team