How to Gain Additional Insight Into Your Loan Pipeline with Floify

How to Gain Additional Insight Into Your Loan Pipeline with Floify

Floify’s loan pipeline is not a static element of the system.

Originators have the power to customize which data points are displayed on the loan pipeline, and can then easily sort the loan flows to meet their needs.

Consider that within Floify you’ve got your entire active loan pipeline at your fingertips – at all times and from anywhere. How do you decide which loans need attention first?

Or maybe it’s your goal to become a more data-driven mortgage originator, and you’ve created custom fields in Floify where you’re entering specific pieces of data about each of your loans.

Using the flexibility of your loan pipeline, you can slice-and-dice your active loan flows to re-order them by just about any reference point available in your Floify.

Figure out exactly which loan files need attention based on their proximity to the loan’s deadline, or by milestone stage, or by a specific custom field you’ve created to map just that thing.

Get better insights from your pipeline and processes by cross-referencing custom data points (like sorting for the loan program and comparing the average loan amount, or days-to-close, to identify your best revenue-generating channels).

Keep the pulse on LOs you manage by sorting flows by loan owner, and seeing exactly how many loans each LO has in-progress and where they all stand.

There are many ways to take advantage of this functionality. Here’s how to get started:

Customizing the Data Fields Shown on the Loan Pipeline

floify loan pipeline customization settings

Floify allows for anywhere from 1-5 different fields to show on your pipeline (in addition to the loan number, document bucket status, and action areas that are always present).

The best default configuration will be unique to the originator and depend upon how they structure their loan flows/data in Floify.

Some LOs may want to use only custom data fields they’ve created. Others may want to drop the borrower(s) name and just identify loans from their flow name.

In your Loan Pipeline Customization settings, you’ll be able to remove any of the currently selected fields and elevate any of the available built-in or custom fields to get the desired set.

Drag & drop the fields to set the order of the pipeline exactly the way you want.

Sorting the Pipeline

Floify loan pipeline sorting

There are two possible ways to sort your pipeline. The first is the default sort that is configured in your Loan Pipeline Customization settings. This will determine the order in which your loan flows appear each time you log in or navigate to the loan pipeline from a different screen.

On your loan pipeline, you have the option to immediately sort the loan flows by any of the field columns you’ve added. Simply click the arrow icon next to the column label to re-sort your pipeline using that data point (you may have to click twice depending on if you want the ascending or descending sort).

With the flexibility of Floify’s loan pipeline at their disposal, loan originators can easily change out fields, sort and sift their data to look at it from every angle, and gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their processes to make improvements and become a better LO for their clients.