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Introducing Floify E-Sign

Modern Electronic Signature Solution

Floify E-Sign, the newest addition to the Floify platform, puts a powerful, mobile-optimized eSignature solution into the capable hands of mortgage professionals and their processing teams.

Purpose-built for the mortgage origination industry and designed to support its unique documentation needs and requirements, Floify with E-Sign provides a complete, branded digital mortgage experience.

Seamless and Easy-to-Use

Floify E-Sign lender view

As a built-in component of the Floify point-of-sale platform, E-Sign leverages the system's most beloved functionality – document management and organization, email and SMS notifications, and more – to deliver the kind of seamless experience for both lenders and borrowers that is only possible with a native solution.

Lenders familiar with Floify's user interface will find using E-Sign to be an intuitive workflow that is quick and easy to add to their existing processes.

Simply add new E-Sign documents or template documents to your loan flows, add or remove signers, and designate where they should sign, initial, or date the document.

Capable Of Any E-Signature Requirements

Floify E-Sign apply checkboxes

Floify E-Sign is packed with all of the components necessary to perform any task requiring an electronic signature, from a 4506-T to a disclosure package and everything in between.

Name fields, text boxes, dropdown picklists, checkboxes, and radio button groups provide flexibility and plenty of options for how lenders leverage the solution. Floify E-Sign also offers a read-only interactive note field so that lenders can leave instructions for borrowers directly on the document in places where clarification may be needed.

Create a Delightful Digital Experience for Borrowers

Floify E-Sign signature complete

Lenders using Floify now have the ability to centralize the borrower's entire origination experience within one web-based portal. Borrowers can complete their loan application, securely upload their documentation, and review and E-Sign their documents all from one mobile-responsive interface and using just a single set of login credentials.

The result is a much more pleasant and manageable end-to-end experience for borrowers.

Start Using Floify E-Sign Today

Floify E-Sign is available to all Floify customers with no additional costs.

To get started, see the Floify Help Center for detailed information on activating and using Floify E-Sign.