Maximize Branding Opportunities with Floify

Maximize Branding Opportunities with Floify

The Floify mortgage automation platform is one of the most heavily customizable systems available in the industry. Everything from our milestones, email templates, 1003 application, custom fields and layouts, and much more can be configured to meet the individual needs of the loan origination teams that rely on the system to interact with their clients.

When those clients or partners do spend time in the system, we’ve made every effort to create a point-of-sale experience that puts your unique branding and styles first, not ours.

Here’s a look at the full complement of branding configurations available in Floify. Ensure the maximum reach of your brand by taking advantage of all the system has to offer.

The Basic Configurations

Every subscription plan in Floify has access to basic branding configurations. Every. Subscription. Plan.

We don’t think you should have to pay more so that your customers know they’re in the right spot, talking to the right people.


Adding your company logo to Floify is a no-brainer and one of the very first actions that should be taken when setting up your account. The logo permeates throughout Floify, and is seen on nearly every client-facing page in the point-of-sale.

Email Signature

Configuring your email signature is another step that should be taken immediately upon account creation. It is critical to the look and feel of the automated emails that Floify sends to borrowers, partners, and team members.

Add an image, NMLS information, or hyperlink email addresses, phone numbers, and website destinations to make them available at a click to your clients and partners. The built-in HTML editor makes it incredibly easy to craft a dynamic signature.


While these configurations are fairly simple to put into effect, they are also powerful features that allow you to create a superior on-brand experience for your clients and partners.

Landing Page

floify custom landing page

When a prospect navigates to your 1003 loan application, or when a borrower or partner attempts to log in to their account, they will first find themselves on your configurable landing page. Because this page is so highly trafficked it’s a worthwhile use of your time to get it dialed in, and fortunately this is very simple to do in Floify.

You can customize a headline, add an image, company info, and even a disclaimer in the footer area for compliance information.

1003 Color Scheme

floify 1003 application color scheme

With just one setting change you can adjust the color scheme of the buttons on your landing page and 1003 loan application to match the palette of your business. This is a fast and easy way to make your pages more cohesive and on-brand by matching the button color to your logo or other reference point.

Pre-Approval Letter Template

floify preapproval letter generator configuration

Floify’s pre-approval letter generator is an awesome way to provide additional services to your agent partners, as well as an arrow in your quiver of competitive differentiators. What some may not realize is this is also a fantastic opportunity to put your brand on paper and into the right hands.

Our system can use your letter template as the backbone of the generator, meaning when your agent partners and borrowers are out shopping for homes, they’ll be carrying your brand around with them.

Progressive Web App

floify progressive web app configuration

Floify supports the customization of your own progressive web app, which lives at the crossroads of a mobile app and a mobile web browser. The progressive web app appears to resemble a typical mobile app with its own icon on your client’s smart device, but is more of a direct link to your Floify landing page.

You can configure the name and icon associated with your PWA, creating a fully-branded mobile experience.


The advanced customizations available within Floify give lenders and originators full-control over the style of the platform. To utilize these capabilities, you may require help from Floify Support or a qualified web developer.

Custom Subdomain

floify custom subdomain

Your Floify account lives at a custom subdomain. When a borrower clicks the link to get started in your welcome email, they will be sent to your subdomain, which looks like:

*Your Floify subdomain is configurable however it should ideally be adjusted prior to the start of live loan flows. Why? Because your clients will be provided links to access their loan flows, and those links will not work if they are pointing to a subdomain that is no longer active. Contact Floify support if you have questions about your subdomain.*

Custom CSS and JavaScript

floify custom css javascript

This feature requires the assistance of a qualified web developer.

The Floify platform was built in a way that allows for a complete style overhaul. With the assistance of a qualified web developer, you can add custom CSS, HTML, and JavaScript that will be used across every Floify page in your company.

You can change the font, weighting, colors, etc. The possibilities with this configuration are endless.

Floify utilizes a separate custom CSS/HTML/JS configuration on our 1003 loan application, so you could style your Apply Now in a different manner than the point-of-sale if you chose.