Eliminate Email from Your Mortgage Document Management Process

Eliminate Email from Your Mortgage Document Management Process

Email is a fast and very efficient way to exchange information. Sometimes, however, it can be hard to follow the email trail regarding a given loan application. Tasks may be split up or incoming documents may land in different boxes, and suddenly the office email traffic hits rush hour. At Floify, we think that while email is a terrific tool, it is not your lending team’s job to write and answer mail all day. With solid mortgage document management, those inboxes can get a bit of a break.

Milestone Updates

One of the primary goals of mortgage document management is consolidation. We pull together the right documents for the application and organize them so that anyone who needs the information knows where it is and how to get it. Or, if the documents are still outstanding, we can notify involved parties of that, too. Milestone Updates are emails sent to the borrower, real estate agent, title agent, and other involved parties to keep everyone on the same page as to the status of the loan application.


We have generated standardized forms for adding a document, rejecting a document, and to confirm deadlines. In the event of multiple requests for new documents, we will combine the notifications into a single email. That way, various parties have one email to open and consult rather than multiples, making it easier to manage documents.

Conserving Energy

Consolidating notifications and their recipients helps keep everyone organized and on task. Fewer email requests in search of information means more time and energy to devote to the loan application process. At Floify we want your mortgage document management to increase the flow of useful information through the lending channels. Call us at720-316-8343 or email us at support@floify.com to see if we can reduce your email traffic and help improve your loan document tracking.