Floify announces desktop originator integration

Now Integrated: Fannie Mae’s Desktop Originator®

Now Integrated: Fannie Mae’s Desktop Originator®

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Floify is excited to announce the launch of a new integration with Fannie Mae's Desktop Originator (DO) automated underwriting system (AUS). 

Now, mortgage brokers and correspondent lenders using DO are able to further streamline their processing workflow by ordering and accessing AUS results from the mobile-friendly Floify interface. Anywhere. Anytime.

Floify's DO integration helps brokers and correspondents realize the same efficiency benefits as their banker colleagues who leverage Floify's Desktop Underwriter® integration and Dual AUS functionality.

Seamlessly Order Desktop Originator Findings

floify desktop originator order form

Floify's Desktop Originator integration works by sourcing the borrower data necessary to order AUS findings from the loan file's 1003 application and credit report.

Lenders familiar with the DO workflow will find that Floify's integration mirrors the critical components of the process, such as differentiating between a preliminary, interim, and final submission during the ordering process.

Once the order is submitted, the AUS findings results and full downloadable report are returned to the loan flow in seconds.

Powering Floify's Dual AUS

floify dual aus

Floify's Dual AUS functionality gives mortgage originators the ability to order AUS findings simultaneously from both GSEs.

By integrating with and ordering from both DO and Freddie Mac's Loan Product Advisor® AUS at the same time, results can be compared side-by-side to make it easy for LOs to identify potential appraisal waivers or documentation differences and determine the best possible path forward for their borrowers.

Learn more about Floify's Dual AUS here.

Get Help for Floify's Desktop Originator Integration

For instructions on how to integrate your Floify with Desktop Originator, as well as how to run single and dual AUS reports, please visit the Floify Help Center.