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How LOs Use Custom Fields and Layouts to Quickly Assess Their Pipeline

Floify’s custom fields, layouts, and business rules give originators and their teams a nearly infinite number of ways to store and access their data. This has naturally prompted some questions about exactly how mortgage professionals can use these features in meaningful ways.

An example use-case comes to us from Melanie Taliaferro, Director of Training and Sales Development as well as a producing Branch Manager for AMEC.

Melanie uses Floify’s custom fields and layouts to dissect and get the pulse of her loan pipeline. By first tagging the flow with a ‘Current Status’, she’s able to sort her pipeline and discover where all of her prospects or borrowers are in the loan process, all at a quick glance.

This makes it easy for Melanie and her team to prioritize where their efforts for the day need to be focused (or in some cases not focused) in order to continue moving loans through the pipeline.

floify custom fields loan pipeline melanie taliaferro

The most important part of this pipeline sort is the Current Status field that Melanie has created. This picklist field has a few different options that effectively mirror that stages of her pipeline:

  • Purchase Lead
  • Refinance Lead
  • Pre-Qualified
  • Pre-Approved
  • Active Loan
  • Dead End

Once the pipeline is sorted, clicking into a loan flow shows a default lender layout that includes additional high-level data that allows Melanie and her team to understand exactly what the needs of the borrower or prospect in question are.

floify custom fields layouts loan flow melanie taliaferro

With this information being available at their fingertips, the Taliaferro Team can make informed decisions without having to venture to another system to get the relevant data first. This is a big win for efficiency.

But what about business rules?

Another really cool aspect of this setup is that Melanie has given herself so many options of where to go next.

She could create borrower layouts and use business rules to dynamically switch into those layouts when a custom field is toggled.

For example, in her default lender layout Melanie has a Loan Purpose picklist field that contains options of ‘Purchase’, ‘Refinance’, ‘Home Equity’, and ‘Renovation’. Depending on the purpose, the process for a borrower to acquire a loan can be considerably different.

Perhaps when the Loan Purpose field is toggled to ‘Purchase’, Melanie wants to show borrowers a layout of some specific purchase-related information, but if it was a ‘Home Equity’ the layout would dynamically change to a different one that shows information related to THAT type of loan purpose.

Pretty cool!

What interesting use-cases are you finding for Floify’s latest updates? Write us and let us know!
We’d love to hear about what you’re doing with custom fields, layouts, and business rules.