Control Access to Preferred Vendors at the Mortgage Company Level

When a mortgage lender makes the decision to invest in mortgage software that they will be making available to their loan officer teams, it comes with some strings that the lender has attached to ensure that the technology is being used in the manner that the lender sees fit (not the loan officer). Not every company has a list of preferred vendors they want their teams to use because of comfort, cost, compliance, or otherwise.

One example of this is in the preferred service integrations that a lender gives their blessing for LOs to use. The lender may only want their LO using the enterprise cloud storage service that the company uses (like Dropbox for Business, or Microsoft OneDrive Business). Lenders want to make certain that they can store documents they collect from borrowers in a location they manage and are comfortable with. New vendors who specialize in sensitive information automation are constantly entering the market. Lenders are becoming increasingly selective about the vendors that they choose to partner with for these services.

Once a mortgage company invests their time and effort into vetting a preferred service provider, they want to ensure that their loan officers are not circumventing the process to use a different, non-approved, vendor. This exact concept is why Floify introduced the Enterprise App. Mortgage companies that leverage the Floify platform can now build integrations with those preferred vendors. Organizations can apply and enforce these integrations at a company level for any/all teams that fall under their company umbrella.

For the loan officer who wants the autonomy to choose services that they prefer to use, fear not! Floify works just fine for individual LO’s and their teams. In fact, this same team is able to leverage a whole suite of integrations. However, a loan officer can also engage their own developer to build a custom integration. This integration can work between the Floify platform and another service they love.