Co-branding Floify Landing Pages with Your Agent Partners

Co-branding Floify Landing Pages with Your Agent Partners

One of the more highly anticipated components of Floify’s re-designed landing pages is the ability for loan originators to create a unique co-branded landing page for any partner that they work with, in Floify.

Co-branding with your partners has more benefit than just slapping a picture and some contact info on the page. Co-branding increases trust with your clients by combining the strong reputations of the two brands. In situations where you really want your partnership to shine, such as co-marketing events like open houses, these pages can act as a simple lead capturing device for prospective new clients.

Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to set these pages up in Floify so you can start generating immediate value.

(For detailed landing page customization instructions, please see the Floify Help Center)

Unique Partner Hyperlinks

floify co-branded partner landing page settings

When setting up a co-branded partner landing page, not only do you have the option to add an image for your partner or their business, but there is also an opportunity to craft a custom hyperlink for the page.

Whether you choose to use the partner’s name or the partner’s brand name, the key is to make something simple and recognizable that would work well if used on print collateral and is unique so that it won’t cause a conflict with any other co-branded landing pages you want to create.

Unlimited Landing Pages

floify global address book

Floify’s co-branded landing pages feature is not limited to just one referral partner at a time.

Although each partner can only have one landing page themselves, any and all individuals that are linked to your account through the system’s global address book is eligible for their own landing page.

The Final Product

floify landing page co-branded for a loan officer and a realtor working in partnership

When you create a co-branded partner landing page, Floify pulls in the partner’s contact information from their user profile that is first established in the global address book and merges that info with the image that you are able to upload in the landing page configuration settings.

If you’ve configured your company/team landing page settings to include mortgage calculators or the corresponding lead generation form, those will also be included on your partner landing pages.

Utilizing these features in combination creates a dynamic, co-branded lead generation page to use in your co-marketing efforts.

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