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Mortgage Automation Platform, Floify, Launches App Store, Giving Loan Officers Access to Library of 3rd Party Mortgage Apps

floify mortgage automation app store

BOULDER, Colo., April 27th, 2017 —Floify, the leading provider of mortgage automation software, announces the launch of the Floify App Store, which allows other industry providers to build complementary apps that offer their branded data and functionality visually within the Floify platform. Floify’s 150,000 registered users already have access to Floify-built integrations with loan origination […]

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The Future of Mortgage Technology (White Paper)

Floify, the leading provider of mortgage automation software has teamed with mortgage industry veteran, Rob Chrisman, to develop a white paper in response to feedback from loan officers who were asking how they could better prepare their teams for the “year of mortgage tech”. As the mortgage process becomes more streamlined, loan officers place increasing […]

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Now Available: Loan Officer Recruitment and Retention Study

loan officer recruiting factors

Floify announced the results of an industry-wide study on loan officer recruitment and retention. The study solicited over 13,000 mortgage originators, specifically loan officers, branch managers, and area sales managers. The analysis focused on loan originators with an annual loan volume of $21 million or more in order to distinguish the needs and priorities of […]

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The Path To $100M in Loan Volume (white paper)

white paper path to 100 million loan volume mortgage

Floify, the leading provider of mortgage automation software has teamed with mortgage industry experts to develop a white paper that teaches loan officers and branch managers the step-by-step path to growing annual loan volumes to $100M. Top-performers and industry coaches Lisa Wells and Andy Zemon, who drive a combined $120m in annual loan volume, will […]

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Floify releases mobile mortgage app as borrowers seek more channels to engage

mobile mortgage app technology floify

Loan officers now have flexible options for working with mortgage borrowers who are on the goThe upward trend in consumer’s mobile usage is not subsiding anytime soon. As of a 2015 Pew Research Center study, 68% of adults in the US owned a smartphone (up from just 35% in 2011). Furthermore, the usage of mobile to […]

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Rob Chrisman and Floify Present “Future of Mortgage Technology” Webinar

rob chrisman future mortgage technology webinar

Industry Veteran, Rob Chrisman, and Mortgage Automation Platform, Floify, Help Loan Officers Prepare For Year Of Mortgage Technology Integrations Floify, the leading provider of mortgage automation software, and mortgage industry veteran, Rob Chrisman, host “The Future of Mortgage Technology” webinar on March 23rd, 2017 from 1:00-2:00pm ET. All registrants will receive a recording after the […]

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2017 is the Year of Mortgage Technology Integration

mortgage technology integration

Mortgage Teams Increase Demand for Integrated Systems There’s one big reason why integration of technologies will be a focal point for the mortgage industry in 2017: it’s good business. Over the last few years, mortgage technology has exploded onto the scene with a rush of new operators looking to carve out their own space in the […]

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3 Problems Caused When Mortgage Software Systems Don’t Talk to Each Other

mortgage software systems technology integration

Steer clear of these unintended, and completely avoidable, issues with your mortgage tech Over the last couple of years there has been a surge in mortgage software systems coming to market, including CRM’s, LOS’, eSignature, cloud storage, marketing automation, and others all designed to help a loan officer and their team become more organized and […]

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Floify Named One of 2017’s Most Innovative Companies

mortgage tech innovation

We are excited to announce that today, Floify’s mortgage automation platform was named one of 2017’s most innovative platforms, awarded by HousingWire’s TECH100.“The companies that make up the 2017 HW TECH100™ are the cream of the crop of the entire housing industry, from real estate to mortgage lending, servicing, and investment,” said HousingWire Senior Financial […]

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Grow Your Mortgage Business by Focusing on the Right Questions

grow your mortgage business focus control loan officer

Re-direct energy into controllable actions One of the biggest keys to success for any business professional, but particularly for loan officers, is how to effectively manage your mental bandwidth. Spend less time and energy worrying or contemplating items that are out of your control, and divert that energy into the top, most-influential, items that will allow […]

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Nation’s Top-Performing Loan Officers Host Webinar On How to Grow Loan Origination Business to $100M

path to 100m loan volume webinar

Powerhouse panel breaks down the key steps to reaching $100M milestone in annual loan volumeBOULDER, Colo., January 10th, 2017 —Floify, the leading provider of mortgage automation software, is teaming with mortgage industry experts to host a webinar that teaches loan officers and branch managers the step-by-step path to growing annual loan volumes to $100M. Top-performers […]

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The Path to $100M in Loan Volume (Webinar)

The largest predictor of LO success is how well a team understands the growth impact of skill sets, leadership, culture, and systems, their order of importance, and when to focus on each. High loan volume is achievable by anyone willing to learn the methods for harnessing those impacts. Join us for a powerhouse panel on […]

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What If Fannie and Freddie Do Get Privatized Again?

privatizing fannie freddie GSE

Steve Mnuchin, President-elect Trump’s Treasury nominee, caused quite a stir recently when he said in an interview that privatizing the government-sponsored entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would be “on the top-10 list of things” that the administration would seek to get done. By the end of trading that day, the shares of both Fannie […]

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What Do Top Loan Officers Look for in a Mortgage Company?

loan officer recruitment retention study

The greatest differentiator between mortgage companies is how well they recruit and retain superior talent. Research from the STRATMOR Group has shown that the top 20% of loan officers account for 57% of total loan volume, with the top 40% of originators bringing in 80% of total loan volume. A purchase-oriented environment is where top […]

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Fannie and Freddie adding automated validation tools to AUS systems

automated validation income assets employment

GSE’s integrating income and asset validation to help reduce origination costsThe mortgage industry was set abuzz on Monday when the GSEs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both announced sweeping changes to their automated underwriting systems, including an automated appraisal valuation tool. Somewhat of an undercard to the appraisal news was the news that Fannie and Freddie […]

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How does trended credit data affect the mortgage industry?

trended credit history

How does trended credit history impact the mortgage lending industry?When Fannie Mae released Desktop Underwriter Version 10.0 on September 24, 2016, the automated underwriting system had a substantial change in risk assessment: the use of a borrower’s trended credit data.This is the first widespread use of a borrower’s trended credit history in the mortgage industry. While […]

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NAMB offering grants to start an independent mortgage brokerage

mortgage brokerage grant program

NAMB partners with UWM to offer startup grantsThe National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) has rolled out a new KickStart program that will offer grants to loan originators who dream of opening their very own independent mortgage brokerage. The program’s first sponsor, United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), provided a $500,000 grant of their own to get the program […]

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FNMA 1003 Loan Application Redesign – What You Need To Know

fnma 1003 urla loan

For the first time in more than 20 years, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the GSEs) have redesigned the Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA), also known as the 1003 loan application and the 65 loan application, respectively. The purpose behind the redesign is multifold. The GSEs’ stated main objectives were to: Update the URLA to […]

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Our Founder and CEO was recently interviewed by Mint.com!

Recently, Floify founder and CEO Dave Sims was contacted by Mint.com to participate in an expert interview. The topic: managing mortgage documents better. Dave talks about his favorite topic, email hell, as well as some common mistakes mortgage originators make when managing paperwork, how Floify works to make the mortgage process easier, and the future […]

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Inman.com Profiled Our Founder and CEO, That Was Cool

Inman.com just did a deep profile on our Founder and CEO. That was pretty cool. It even includes pics! :^) Check it out: I get a rush when the code I’ve been working on starts to come together (ps: Inman may show you a paywall. Sorry if that happens to you.) Dave Sims is founder […]

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MainStreet.com Quoted Me!

MainStreet.com quoted me! It’s an article about P2P payments. Searching for “Floify” will find my quote. ABOUT FLOIFY Floify (floify.com) is a mortgage borrower portal and dashboard. Floify automates the process of collecting loan docs from borrowers, keeps realtors up-to-date with easy email updates, tracks back office workflow tasks to avoid the last minute rush […]

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Open developer APIs essentially do not exist in the mortgage industry — that’s a problem

Written by Floify’s Dave Sims for Inman.com. Reposted here with permission. As Marc Andreessen says, “Software Is Eating The World.” If you want to outpace your competitors, you’d better pay attention. Mortgage originators can open up a new world of productivity and improved processes with their software systems by embracing an old idea that they’ve […]

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