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How LOs Use Custom Fields and Layouts to Quickly Assess Their Pipeline

floify custom fields loan pipeline melanie taliaferro

Floify’s custom fields, layouts, and business rules give originators and their teams a nearly infinite number of ways to store and access their data. This has naturally prompted some questions about exactly how mortgage professionals can use these features in meaningful ways. An example use-case comes to us from Melanie Taliaferro, Director of Training and […]

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ScoreReturn’s Credit Restoration Solution Joins the Floify App Store

scorereturn floify credit restoration

The Floify App Store, home to integrated 3rd party services, continues to grow with the addition of ScoreReturn’s credit restoration app. Using the ScoreReturn app, LOs can quickly initiate the restoration process for borrowers lacking the credit profile necessary to make their dream of homeownership a reality. Once the process has begun, ScoreReturn provides: Free […]

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Introducing the Next Big Thing: Custom Fields, Layouts, and Business Rules

Just this week, we rolled out one of the most exciting and powerful feature updates to Floify in our history. The introduction of custom fields, custom layouts, business rules, and customizable dashboards will allow Floify Business customers to craft unique, dynamic data inputs that can then be used in a number of awesome ways for […]

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Borrowers Can Purchase Homeowners Insurance Without Leaving Floify

The newest addition to the Floify App Store is going to make the purchase of homeowners insurance much easier on your borrowers, and get your processors the EOI they need even faster. With the Hippo Insurance App, loan officers can initiate a homeowners insurance quote from multiple carriers, and drop it in the borrower’s red […]

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Announcing the Floify Audit Log, Mobile App Improvements, and Webhook Integrations

We’ve been growing by leaps and bounds lately – thanks to the valuable feedback we have received from mortgage professionals like you. Over the last few months, we rolled out dozens of exciting updates, apps, and integrations to help make Floify even better. And now we are excited to share these enhancements with you, which […]

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The Digital Mortgage of Today and Tomorrow

digital mortgage

Today, borrowers live in a connected world where a pizza ordered from Dominos is tracked in every stage from ordering to delivery, and they’ve come to expect the same from their business interactions. This culture shift has created an expectation amongst consumers that the mortgage industry needs to embrace an end-to-end digital mortgage. What is […]

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6 Ways Loan Management Software Improves the Mortgage Process

loan management software

In every industry, finding ways to be more efficient is critical to increasing output. In the mortgage industry, spending less time gathering and processing documents and communicating updates to your team and to your clients can dramatically increase the amount of loans you can service. Below, we outline 6 ways Floify loan management software can […]

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5 Essential Features of Cloud Mortgage Software

mortgage software comparison

At Floify, we are dedicated to providing the best cloud mortgage software possible to mortgage lenders across the United States. If you are a mortgage lender who is looking for a platform to streamline the mortgage approval process, here are the 5 essential features you’ll need. Document Portal Managing just one mortgage can take hundreds […]

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How Secure Is Your Loan Management Strategy?

loan management software security

If you were really paying attention during this recent election cycle, one thing was made abundantly clear: email is NOT a safe way to communicate delicate information. Whether it was Hillary Clinton’s private email server vulnerability or the DNC hack, it was made obvious to all that no matter who you are, if a motivated […]

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The 3 most common complaints about the mortgage lending process

mortgage lending process complaints

Avoid these mortgage lending process issues to win repeat business and referrals We scoured the internet in a review of the most common complaints that are leveled at loan officers about the mortgage lending process. We looked at not just what borrowers had to say, but real estate agents as well. Why is this important? […]

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The right mortgage lending software improves borrower experience

mortgage lending software system

Avoid Negative Reviews, and Win More Referrals One thing that we know for sure is that bad software almost always leads to a frustrating experience for anyone that must use it. The opposite is true as well: choosing a mortgage lending software, or mortgage automation system, that presents a clean, streamlined, and intuitive front to […]

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New stuff! Deadline notice timing, and edit doc name/description!

after selecting the edit icon you will be given the option to change the name and description of the document

As you probably know, we’re SUPER BUSY launching our automated asset verification feature, but in the meantime we’ve got some new usability improvements to show off. We’ve added more customization to some of the core functions of Floify, like adjusting the timing of the deadline notice. Edit document name and description Sometimes, when a borrower […]

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Speed up mortgage closing with eSignature

esignature mortgage closing

The CFPB has established that eClosings, or a mortgage closing that relies on technology, have tons of potential to improve the consumer experience. The beauty here is that there is also a lot of upside for process-oriented mortgage originators as well! You want to start incorporating elements of eClosing into your process, and you’ve got some […]

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Master the Floify deadline reminder

Floify sends borrowers friendly reminders when they still owe docs After a set period of time, if your borrowers still have unfulfilled or pending document requests, Floify will send them a (customizable) friendly reminder to get you those docs. If borrowers continue to owe documents, Floify will send that reminder email every week thereafter. Along […]

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We’ve made our Encompass integration even better!

Floify can now search Encompass for matching loan files Many companies we work with on an Enterprise level use our Encompass integration to tie their mortgage LOS together with Floify. We’re working hard behind the scenes to make that integration even more powerful! The newest addition to the integration is the ability to search Encompass […]

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Customizing your needs-list email for max effectiveness

Needs-list email suggestions and samples For many of our customers, this automated email is the first introduction their borrower will get to the secure portal where they will be uploading their personal documentation. This email can be crucial in order to ensure a smooth, and quick, process. The big question: what exactly are we trying to accomplish […]

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More new features and improvements!

We’re constantly improving the Floify software to make it faster and provide a robust suite of features. Check out our latest improvements below! Integrations Google Drive: Similar to our Dropbox and Box integrations, this integration will let users upload collected docs from Floify directly into their Google Drive cloud storage. Usability Pagination: We’ve started paginating your Active […]

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Floify has a cool new feature!

New feature: Simultaneous document accept and reject   With the rollout of Floify’s new simultaneous accept and reject feature, you no longer have to discard your borrower’s docs if they don’t completely fulfill your request. Users now have the ability to reject the document, re-issue the document request, but still accept and store the document […]

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How eClosings improve mortgage experience

eclosings mortgage experience

CFPB study links higher scores with technology-supplemented eClosings Embracing the benefits of technology can potentially provide a smoother, more efficient closing process for borrowers as well as less delays and costs for lenders. Let’s review in detail a recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) study, where mortgage eClosings were associated with higher scores for certain […]

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Floify’s DocuSign eSignature Integration is Now Live

Floify’s integration with DocuSign is now live and usable from your lender dashboard. With this powerful integration, Floify can become your single customer-facing portal for document collection AND eSignature. In order to use the DocuSign integration, you must have or sign-up for a DocuSign user account. Then, you must link your floify to your DocuSign […]

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floify has new features!

We’ve got some exciting new features that are now live on Floify: Floify users will now see the number of documents pending review in their pipeline dynamically shown in their browser’s tab when at the home dashboard. Use the filter option to only display the number of docs pending review for a particular team member. […]

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The mortgage process feature that will land you more business

Written by Floify’s Dave Sims for Inman.com. Reposted here with permission. Differentiate your mortgage business from the competition with more than just “great customer service.” Provide what millennials and a surprising number of older borrowers want — automated mortgage process status updates. I’m going to show you how to do this. Every loan officer purports […]

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Workflow Tasks Phase 2 Complete + Box.com Integration

Earlier this month I wrote about scaling mortgage production with workflow tasks in Floify. Since then, we’ve finished Phase 2 of Floify Workflow Tasks. It’s live on Floify now. Back Office Workflow Tasks For a clean closing, besides collecting the usual documents from borrowers, you need to collect other documents like: Title Commitment Appraisal Verification […]

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Improving the Floify User Experience by Using Floify “In Anger” to Originate Loans

To experience everything that Floify customers do, I’m going to originate loans and use Floify for everything, with the goal of improving the Floify user experience for customers. The best way for a software developer to improve the user experience of their software is to use it every day, for real business needs. Using software […]

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Short Form App and Homeowners Insurance Info Webforms Now on Floify

Webforms are an easy way to collect critical information from borrowers. It’s also very fast, since the borrower doesn’t have to download or upload anything. Floify just added two new webforms: Short Form App and Homeowners Insurance Info. If you already have a Floify account, you’ll find them in your Template Documents under the Settings […]

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How Lenders and Loan Originators Can Avoid Hacks in Mortgage Document Management

Borrowers need to submit quite a bit of personal information on a typical loan application. No matter how scrupulous the mortgage lender and the loan originator might be, sensitive data may be needlessly exposed through exchange over the internet. At Floify, we understand how to keep personal data out of the hands of would-be hackers. […]

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What You Need to Know About Mortgage Document Management

While there may still be institutions that generate paper files for their mortgage applicants, more and more lenders and their collaborators are digitally organizing their application and loan information. Whether a lender uses paper, electronic forms, or a hybrid approach of paper and cloud, there are tremendous advantages to utilizing proper mortgage document management. At […]

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Overcoming Common Mortgage Document Management Challenges

Efficient mortgage document management requires close attention at a number of levels. For example, an important document that is lost or drags behind other documents can slow the whole process down, resulting in longer approval times and frustration all around. The following are some of the major challenges faced by both lenders and borrowers. At […]

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Streamlining the Loan Documentation Process

When someone decides to buy a home, whether it’s their first one or they’ve done it several times before, the loan documentation process can obviously be exhausting. The excitement of the potential purchase is often replaced with dread at the time-consuming drudgery of what can seem to be mountains of paperwork. But Floify recently unveiled […]

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Floify.com Accelerates Secure Mortgage Document Collection with a New Enterprise Customer and a New Software Release

mortgage document collection

Today Floify.com announced the acquisition of a new enterprise customer and a new software release for its secure mortgage document collection software-as-a-service. Today Floify.com has announced two significant new milestones with its secure mortgage document collection service: A high-producing Texas mortgage originator with a large staff signed an agreement with Floify.com to make the Floify […]

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Fannie Mae 1003 Mortgage Applications and 3.2 Data Files Now Supported by Mortgage Documentation Collector Floify

1003 mortgage application

Mortgage brokers using Floify.com to collect and process mortgage documentation from borrowers can now collect a Fannie Mae 1003 mortgage application and create Fannie Mae 3.2 data files. Floify today announced Fannie Mae 1003 mortgage applications and 3.2 data files are now supported by its mortgage documentation collection cloud service. Floify not only collects paystubs […]

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How To Show Your Branding On Your Floify Website

You can easily run your Floify at a custom web address that shows only your branding. If your website is lendingteam.com, you can run your Floify at: lendingteam.floify.com Doing so shows all your branding to your borrowers and clients. Your name, your logo, your colors, etc. To do this, just follow these simple steps: Login […]

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Borrowers Hate Emailing Their Tax Returns

Email is insecure and borrowers know it. Most email is transmitted unencrypted, allowing hackers with access to any point between sender and receiver to steal email. Hackers especially love open WiFi networks. Borrowers don’t want the most private details about their lives to be seen by others or captured by identity thieves. Very understandingly, they […]

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“My Lender Knows Exactly Where My Loan Documents Are,” Said No One Ever

Floify.com announces new loan document organization capabilities, making it simple for lenders to find their loan documents fast. Today, Floify.com announced that it has new capabilities to perfectly organize any lender’s loan documents: Loan Dashboard: New “traffic light” metaphor aids in determining loan status at a glance Deadlines: New graphic labels indicate whether loan deadlines […]

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Floify.com Collects Borrower Loan Docs in 24 Hours, Announces New Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval Letter Capabilities to Further Automate the Lending Process

Today at the Mortgage Technology Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Flux announces new ways its $99/mo Floify.com secure cloud service can collect borrowers’ loan docs in record time, while lenders email pre-qualification/approval letters at night from the couch while watching the game. Floify.com has announced new capabilities to support lenders in collecting their borrowers’ loan documents […]

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Floify Announces New Forms and Deadline Capabilities to Further Automate Loan Document Collection

mortgage loan documents organizer

Today at the BAI Retail Delivery show in Denver, Floify.com announces new ways its secure cloud service can collect borrowers’ loan documents in record time, using online forms and deadlines. Floify.com has announced new capabilities to support lenders in collecting their borrowers’ loan documents in record time, typically within 24 hours: Online Forms Deadlines Today […]

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Mortgage Brokers Use Secure Cloud Service to Collect and Process Mortgage Documentation from Borrowers

mortgage documentation platform

Mortgage brokers reduce delays while using less staff time to collect and process borrower loan documents, Floify.com announces today. Floify.com announced that its new cloud service is available today. Floify.com efficiently manages mortgage documentation and the loan document workflows of loan officers, loan coordinators, loan processors, and borrowers. Frequently Asked Questions about Floify.com: What is […]

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