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Massively Improve Support Staff Efficiency with Floify Task Management

Massively Improve Support Staff Efficiency with Floify Task Management

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Floify's recently-released Task Management feature is a massive time-saving update for processors, LOAs, closing coordinators, and other shared loan origination support staff. By streamlining the workflow for these critical users, mortgage lenders instantly boost the effectiveness of their workforce – a huge boost in a market environment where tight margins are driving low loan profitability for organizations.

Make Your Critical Support Staff More Efficient and Effective

Floify's Task Management works by providing mortgage companies with the tools they need to define an individual's role and then assign the right people to work on each loan flow. When processors, LOAs, closing coordinators, and others access Floify, they will have the ability to navigate to a new dashboard that will only display loan flows that have been assigned to them.

By making it incredibly easy for these users to instantly access the specific loans that they are responsible for, support staff is able to save a ton time that has been traditionally spent navigating between teams to find and access the necessary loan files. Now, with Task Management in Floify, support staff users will be able to touch more files and get more done every day.

Coming Soon: Automated Loan Flow Assignment

In the next couple of weeks Floify will release additional Task Management functionality such as a loan assignment column for the home dashboard so that managers can see who is assigned to what loans, as well as the powerful new automated loan flow assignment.

Automated loan flow assignment allows managers to define business rules that dictate at what point in the origination process a specified role will be assigned to a loan flow. For example, origination teams can automatically assign their closing coordinator to a loan flow when a clear-to-close milestone is checked off.

With this upcoming functionality, not only will it remove the assignment step during loan flow creation, but support staff will also benefit greatly from an 'Assigned to Me' dashboard that only contains the loan flows that are eminently important to that specific user.

How to Get Started with Task Management in Floify

Task Management provides a huge efficiency boost, but it's also been made simple and intuitive to set up user roles, assign those roles to specific users, and then start putting this feature to work by assigning users to loan flows.

For step-by-step graphical instructions on how to leverage Task Management, visit the Floify Help Center.