Using Business Rules to Automate Mortgage Document Needs List Generation with Floify

auto-generate mortgage document needs lists with Floify

Floify’s mortgage automation engine is packed with powerful and flexible functionality that truly allow loan originators to create their ideal point-of-sale system.

One of the fundamental drivers of the platform’s flexibility is the ability to utilize conditional logic, or business rules, to design custom workflow automations.

Triggers can be leveraged to dynamically change lender or borrower loan layouts or fire off webhooks to push data from Floify into other systems in the LO’s mortgage tech stack.

Business rule functionality can also be used to automatically generate document needs lists for prospects, based upon the information submitted with their loan application.

floify automatic mortgage document needs list creation settings

There are a number of excellent reasons why LOs should take advantage of Floify’s automatic doc request feature.

It automates the repetitive process of combing through a prospect’s loan application to determine document needs. As a mortgage operation scales, and begins taking in more and more loan apps, this becomes a larger burden on staff hours.

It gets prospects up-and-running on their loan file faster. Needs are determined instantly, prompting prospects to continue with the next task (document gathering). Speed of response is a key to winning business before the competition.

And well thought out business logic can eliminate human errors. Instead of having to go back to a client and ask for yet another document, because it was originally overlooked, everything on the loan application is evaluated and determined upon conversion to a live loan flow. As long as the information submitted on the loan application is accurate, the conditional logic will work to build the exact needs list your underwriters will be looking for.

How to Plan Your Business Rules

Floify automatic mortgage doc requests

Planning and developing the business rules to power your automatic doc requests is surprisingly simple.

LOs and support staff already know the conditions under which they would require specific documents. They do it every day!

If a Floify account has been configured for the LOs workflow, any document that could be requested will already exist as a template document in the system.

Simply go down the list of your template docs, and create a business rule for each one that maps out under what conditions you would request the specific document.

Once enabled, automatic doc request business rules will be evaluated when a loan application is converted to a live loan flow and will take the place of the default quick pack.

For more detailed setup instructions, please see the Floify Help Center.