Audit Log, Mobile App Improvements, and Webhooks

Audit Log, Mobile App Improvements, and Webhooks

We’ve been growing by leaps and bounds lately. It’s all thanks to the valuable feedback we have received from mortgage professionals like you.

Over the last few months, we have rolled out dozens of exciting updates, apps, and integrations to make Floify even better. Now, we’re excited to share these enhancements with you which will help you further streamline and accelerate your mortgage workflow.

Loan Audit Log

How much time have you spent tracking down who knew about this or that in your loan files? With Floify’s new audit log, you gain transparency into the actions taken on a loan file or on your entire pipeline. You get immediate insight into the who, what, and when.

The audit log tracks documentation-related activities such as:

  • New loan flow start
  • Document uploaded
  • Document accepted
  • Document rejected
  • Document deleted
  • Document accepted AND rejected

To view the audit log for your entire pipeline, find the Info button in the header navigation of your loan dashboard. If you’d like to dial down into the audit log for a specific loan flow, find the Audit Log button on the loan flow view:

View documents in the Floify mobile app

We recently rolled out version 1.4 of the Floify iOS and Android mobile app. This new release added the ability to view submitted documentation directly on a mobile device.

Simply find the document that you’d like to view, and click on the file name to bring up the doc.

Now on-the-go loan officers have full access to borrower documentation, anytime they need to reference it.

Webhook integrations through Zapier

Floify’s platform is designed to facilitate integration with our customers’ other critical business systems. We do this through the Floify REST API, our third-party integrations, and webhooks.

To put it simply, a webhook is when specific information is sent to a unique place on the web (usually after a certain action occurs). Once this information is received, another application can catch the information for use on its end. Floify has several webhook “endpoints” that trigger the posting of the information.

So, this brings us to Zapier. Zapier is a quickly growing company that enables systems to work together through automation workflows. There are already over 700 different software platforms in the Zapier network that make their systems openly accessible for integration.

Using Floify’s webhooks within Zapier, our developers were able to create some interesting integrations. For example, if you use Pipedrive as your sales CRM, our developers created a “Zap” integration which triggers the creation of a new Floify loan flow automatically when a Pipedrive Deal makes it to a particular stage in the sales pipeline.

Another use-case was to create a Zapier integration between Floify and Mailchimp – an email marketing service. Utilizing Floify’s webhooks, when a new loan flow begins, we are able to add the borrower to a Mailchimp list, enabling email marketing abilities automatically.

These are just two aspects that have come out of our development team, but technically-inclined Floify customers are able to leverage Floify webhooks and the Zapier network to build some amazing integrations.