Slowing down? Use your time to improve the efficiency of your mortgage workflow

Slowing down? Use your time to improve the efficiency of your mortgage workflow

Take a big picture look at your processes

Many lenders we’ve spoken with lately have indicated that their business is now entering, or is already in, a typical holiday slow period. This makes for the perfect time to assess processes and systems and make sure the machine is oiled and running as efficiently as possible.

First up: the big picture. The first step in any evaluation is to make sure you have all of the information at your fingertips. Take the time to write out what your current origination process looks like, from the initial app to close, and whom in your office is responsible for what exact pieces of the workflow. For those without the support of a team, this exercise can still be insightful.

One crucial thing we’ve learned in our discussions with high producing originators is that their workflow is most efficient when the people involved have defined roles and responsibilities. For example, if you have a licensed coordinator in your office who is responsible for taking the loan app and setting up a new file, then that person’s role should not carry over into the responsibilities of the processor or back end coordinator.

Why is this important? Because people are most comfortable and most efficient when they know exactly what they are responsible for and when it needs to be delivered. Not only will this increase job happiness and efficiency, but you will know exactly who to go to when you have a question about a loan file, eliminating wasted time searching for answers.

Now that roles and responsibilities have been defined, you can begin to develop or improve the systems of efficiency that will allow your team members to operate at their highest level.