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Quickly Generate and eSign Arizona & Texas-Specific Forms in Floify

Quickly Generate and eSign Arizona & Texas-Specific Forms in Floify

For the last couple of years, mortgage lenders and brokers in the states of Arizona and Texas have been required to include additional compliance-oriented forms to their workflow.

In Arizona, loan originators must fill out the Arizona Association of Realtor’s Pre-Qualification Form (PQF), Loan Status Update (LSU), and Loan Status Report (LSR), which need to be signed by both the lender and the borrower.

LOs doing business in Texas are required to complete and sign the Conditional Qualification and Conditional Approval letters at certain milestones of the mortgage process.

With Floify, LOs who conduct business in these two states can now leverage the advantages of a digital point-of-sale and automation platform to speed up the creation and fulfillment of these documents.

Not only will lenders save on time and frustration by using Floify’s AZ and TX form generator, but they will also maintain a cohesive loan experience by making the documents available in the same secure web portal their borrowers know and trust.

Arizona PQF, LSU, and LSRs

LOs can activate the ability to generate Arizona PQF, LSU, and LSR forms, as well as optional expiration dates for each, in just a couple of quick and simple configuration changes from their company dashboard. Once activated at the company level, LOs will then be given an option to turn on the feature for an individual loan when starting or editing the flow.

If an LO chooses to prepare Arizona forms for a loan, a new button will appear in the loan flow view to enable the generation of a PQF or LSU.

Simply fill in the loan information on the template, create and adopt your signature and initials, and agree to the requisite consents, and Floify will then automatically create the official document and place it in the borrower’s docs owed area to await their signature.

Want to see step-by-step instructions? Check out the Floify Help Center.

Texas Conditional Qualification and Approval Letters

LOs are able to activate the Texas Conditional Qualification and Conditional Approval Letters functionality in much the same process as detailed above for the Arizona forms.

The biggest difference in workflow between the two is that the Texas letters do not require a borrower’s signature. Once they’ve been prepared by the LO they’ll be placed directly into the Docs Accepted area and made available for download.

Refer to the detailed how-to guide in the Floify Help Center for more information.

Powered By Floify’s eSignature Solution

In order to allow mortgage professionals to manage these document processes digitally, without breaking the bank on eSign envelopes, we developed an in-house eSignature solution that powers the Arizona and Texas forms feature.

Before utilizing these features in your workflow, you should ensure that Floify is an approved eSign provider with your company’s investors.

Contact for assistance with obtaining investor approval.