Floify Introduces New Loan App Notification, VOA Integration, and more!

Floify Introduces New Loan App Notification, VOA Integration, and more!

In continuing our dedication to innovation throughout the entire mortgage origination process, we recently launched several enhancements to the Floify platform. This recent round of updates has a little something for everyone, including an oft-requested loan application notification, new Day 1 Certainty-approved VOA provider integration, compliance controls, and more!

Loan Application Started Notifications

Thanks to popular demand, we’ve just rolled out a new Application Start notification. Teams will have the power to designate a list of users who will receive email alerts when a new prospect application is started in Floify.

Now, you or a specified team member will be able to respond quickly and follow-up with prospects who start but don’t complete a loan application.

loan application started notification

Plaid VOA Integration

Floify will soon roll out our newest integration with Day 1 Certainty-approved asset verification provider, Plaid. This latest partnership provides users with another industry-leading VOA service option to dynamically pull reports of assets and deposits for their prospective borrowers.

Borrowers will be asked to select their financial institution and enter their credentials via the Plaid user interface, and then the full report will be seamlessly delivered to the loan flow.

When Plaid is enabled, VOA reports can be configured to generate at the time a loan application is converted to a live loan, or on a one-off basis directly from within a loan flow.

The Plaid VOA integration will be offered as an alternative to our existing AccountChek™ and MeridianLink VOA integrations.

Apply Now 2.0 Override Settings Updates

Compliance managers and team leaders now have more options available at the company level when determining which 1003 fields to make available or required for all loan teams.

With these new flexible options, you can now choose two additional overrides for your loan teams:

  • Require Question: When enabled, LO teams are forced to include the corresponding field/question in their 1003 application, but borrowers will not be required to provide an answer.
  • Require Answer: When enabled, LO teams are forced to include the corresponding filed/question in their 1003 application and borrowers must provide an answer before they can submit the application.

floify 1003 loan application override questions

Encompass Milestone Recipient Sync

Enterprise users can now sync milestone recipients from their Encompass LOS when manually checking off milestones. With the setting enabled, Floify will sync the name, email, and phone information for pre-defined parties on an Encompass loan, and automatically include them on outgoing email and SMS communications.

This makes it incredibly easy to keep all loan stakeholders informed without ever needing to take the additional steps of creating a Floify account for them or manually entering their information into the system.

Users can configure notification settings for synced recipients to specify how they should receive email notifications (BCC/CC/TO) and whether or not they should be included on SMS updates.