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5 Ways to Maximize Your Floify Account

Now that you’ve taken the step to integrate Floify’s mortgage software in your process, make sure that you take advantage of all the available options to maximize the return on your investment. Floify excels in its ability to be customized and tailored to the style of a loan originator and their team. Some of the customizations help maintain the personal feel of the mortgage experience, while others will have a tangible effect on your business relationships.

1. Add a team photo or image to your portal login page

personalize floify login landing page

When your clients head to their borrower portal to upload documents or check on the status of their loan, they will first navigate to your portal landing page to sign-in. Floify can be customized to brighten up this page with the addition of an 800 pixel wide, 400 KB in size, image of your choice.

This is a great opportunity to display a picture of your loan team, or another image that represents your business, to add a personal touch that lets clients know they are in the right place and working with the right people.

This article from our help center will show you how to configure an image for your landing page.

2. Fine-tune your deadline reminder

edit deadline notices

In an ideal world, originators will request the necessary documentation from borrowers, and the borrowers will turn around and submit the documentation promptly. Unfortunately it is more often than not that borrowers need a gentle nudge or two in order to speed up the process.

Floify’s deadline reminder is an automated message sent to your borrowers that lets them know that there are still outstanding document requests in their borrower portal. The deadline reminder is one of the most configurable automated notifications in the system, with options to customize: the length of the deadline, the time of day the deadline reminder sends, or you can disable the automation all together and send these notices on-demand. As with all Floify notifications, the associated email template can be configured to your liking, including the ability to list the outstanding documents in the email.

If you want to get documents back from your borrowers in record time, make sure your deadline reminder is configured to deliver the correct prompts at the best time for your borrowers.

3. Set your milestones to mirror your workflow

milestone mortgage workflow

Floify’s mortgage milestone feature is beloved by borrowers and referral partners for the ease at which it keeps them updated on the status of a loan. In just a couple of clicks, you can send out a notification to all loan stakeholders letting them know that an important step in the mortgage process has been accomplished. Out of the box, Floify comes with 14 pre-configured milestones and templates that are designed to follow a general origination workflow.

Editing the milestones and their associated email/text notification templates to mirror your workflow is a great way to maximize this popular feature and ensure that there is no confusion as to exactly where a loan stands. Floify customers have been getting creative with their milestone templates and embed videos and other media to make it a more pleasant experience for borrowers and partners.

Check out this quick help article that will show you how to get to your milestone settings.

4. Build out your quick packs

floify quick packs

One of the most high-impact methods to save time using Floify is to cover all the loan bases with your quick packs. There will of course be loans that don’t fit in a standardized template and require one-off document requests, but if your quick packs are built out to encompass all of the traditional loan scenarios (and their variations) you encounter it will be much more efficient to start loan flows with the appropriate documentation requests.

Before embarking on a mission to overhaul your quick packs, first take stock of what doc requests are already in your template docs. Any request you would like to use to create or edit quick packs must first be stored in your template documents.

Here’s a helpful article that will show you how to manage your quick packs.

5. Auto-convert loan applications to loan flows

loan flow mortgage automation

If you are a Floify Business customer using the customizable 1003 feature, you also have the option to take advantage of an advanced automation feature that will automatically start a loan flow for a prospect when they submit your loan application. The new loan flow will utilize the document requests that you’ve got configured in the base quick pack in order to get the prospect up and running.

Using this automation feature gives originators the power to gather a basic set of information and docs from a prospect that can greatly speed up the beginning of the mortgage process and allows for painless qualification of prospects.

Not yet using Floify to maximize your efficiency? Give it a try today!.