3 Floify Features That Wow Agents and Separate You From the Crowd

3 Floify Features That Wow Agents and Separate You From the Crowd

Top producers in the mortgage industry all understand a fundamental truth that helps them maintain their success over a long period of time. Not only do they understand this truth, they constantly act upon it and even shape their business around it.

To build a successful mortgage business, create jobs within your company because of your production, and provide a fantastic level of service, your business needs to have a predictable source of revenue.

The most predicatable and repeatable way to generate revenue month-after-month is by building a network of actively referring agents and partners.

Well… obviously.

But it’s also easier said than done. The race for partnerships in the mortgage industry can be intense, and it’s exceedingly difficult to provide tangible reasons why you are a better choice than your competitors.

Unless you’re with Floify.

Our mortgage automation platform comes chock-full of functionality designed to streamline important, but time-consuming, portions of origination and relationship management process. This includes specific features designed to give you unique differentiators to discuss when a possible partner inevitably asks, “so what makes you different?”.

Easy Loan Status Notifications

floify realtor milestone loan status update notification

For many of the same reasons that it’s important for borrowers to know where exactly their loan is in the funding process, it’s also critical to their Realtor® to have the same information.

First, they need to know when they can take the client “shopping”.

No agent worth their salt will want to spend hours looking at houses without any assurance that the client will be able to acquire financing.

Second, they need to know the terms by which they can build their shopping list.

Even though borrowers don’t usually think through the transaction in that order, agents do. They want to know what their limits are, both in terms of the purchase price as well as any restrictions imposed by the loan program the borrower qualifies for.

And the third and final reason that your agent partners crave information, is that their business depends on it. They need loans to close in order to pay the bills, same as you.

It sounds like a lot of work, right? In years past it would have been.

With Floify, you can provide your partners with the timely information that makes their life easier with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Partner Portal

Floify’s partner portal is a one-stop-shop for your agents to get an instant take on all of the loans that they’ve been invited to follow along with.

Similar to what you would see on your Loan Pipeline, partners will get a top-level view of where everything is at upon login and can dial-down into a specific loan to get a bit more information and functionality. Unlike what you see when you go deeper into a loan flow, partners will never have exposure to borrower documentation.

But they can see how many documents are still owed by the borrower, how many docs they’ve submitted, and what milestones have been checked-off in the process. That kind of oversight provides tons of information to your partners and keeps them from calling/emailing to check-in on how things are going. That way you can focus on developing and expanding your referral relationships, instead of just keeping them afloat.

They also have the ability to interact with the loan flow to upload any documentation that they are in possession of and can even generate custom, property-specific pre-approval letters for the client.

Speaking of which…

Custom Pre-Approval Letters

floify mortgage loan preapproval letter generator

How many phone calls from agents do you (or your team members) field over the course of a week, asking for a pre-approval letter formatted for a property? Do you think that’s a pleasant experience for anyone?

It’s not.

Not only is that a disruption to your day, IF you can even get to it immediately, but your agent partner also has to wait for you to load up your Word file, make the changes to your template, and email them the final product. And that’s just for a single letter!

If you have multiple referring agents, who could be showing a single client multiple properties, the minutes can really start to add up.

But if you’ve invited these partners to participate through Floify, and given them permission to make letters, they can simply log in to the Partner Portal and create their own in a blink.

For any client that they share with you.

For any property that they’re viewing.

On your custom letter template.

Bound by loan limits that you set.

By using and marketing these differentiators, you can provide your referring partners and agents with a more efficient way to conduct business and manage your partnership.

And that’s in addition to all of the value that you can add for their clients.