Add An Extra Layer of Security to Your Floify Account with 2-Step Verification

Add An Extra Layer of Security to Your Floify Account with 2-Step Verification


Lenders, loan originators, and their teams can now add an additional layer of security to their Floify account by activating 2-step verification.

When 2-step verification is active, users will be required to enter two separate pieces of information in order to log in to Floify: their account's password and a unique one-time code. Without this code, potential intruders are unable to access your Floify account.

Floify's 2-step verification functionality is activated by a company admin and can also be configured as a required security measure for all company users. Once the feature is activated, two-factor verification will trigger anytime the user's device is not recognized by the system.

With 2-step verification, lenders and loan teams can ensure that they're using every available option to safeguard personal and confidential information.

For more information about Floify's 2-step verification security and how to activate this feature on your account, see the Floify Help Center.

Check Off Milestones, Ask and Respond to Questions in the Floify Mobile App

Floify's upcoming mobile app release is set to deliver even more of the platform's robust functionality into the hands of on-the-go users of our iOS and Android apps.

This next release will make it even easier for LOs to manage their pipeline and initiate timely loan status updates by empowering loan teams to check off flow milestones from the convenience of the mobile app.

Additional new mobile features allow LOs to easily add borrower question requests to a loan flow as well as giving borrowers the ability to respond to those questions from the app interface.

Learn more about the Floify mobile app and where it can be downloaded, here.


Quickly Access and Share Your Floify Referral Link


Floify's popular customer referral program is now more accessible and easier to manage directly from within the system's user interface!

Now, users can simply click on the "Earn Extra Cash by Referring Floify 💸" link in the bottom left corner of their screen to instantly access their referral link and monitor any referrals they've made.

See for more details about the referral program.