2021 floify year in review

2021: Floify’s Year-in-Review

2021: Floify’s Year-in-Review

2021 was an exciting year at Floify! As we reflect on our accomplishments, we wanted to share some of our favorite milestones and give a big THANK YOU to our customers and partners who helped make this all possible.

This year, we saw tremendous growth on the Floify platform. We had the pleasure of serving more than 3 million LOs, borrowers, and other stakeholders and helped facilitate the origination of tens of billions of dollars in mortgage loan volume on our platform.

Additionally, we worked hard to roll out dozens of exciting new features, updates, and integrations that have all made impactful contributions to our platform.

Maintaining a High Pace of Innovation

From day one, it has been a priority of ours to rapidly develop and deliver useful and modern business solutions for our customers. This focus on maintaining a high pace of innovation has helped drive our team to build some awesome technology, but it's not just the big, bold new features that deserve all of the attention.

In 2021, we doubled down on our commitment to getting the little things right, too.

Earlier this year we launched Floify Ideas, a convenient portal for our customers to suggest, comment (including sometimes in conversation with our product team), and vote for the features they would like to see in Floify. Several of these suggestions made it into our development roadmap this year!

floify ideas customer suggeesetions

Now, with that having been said, our team also developed some incredible new functionality this year – as well as launching two new early release products.

So, without further adieu, here are some of the highlights from our year of growing the Floify platform:

Multiple Milestone Sets

floify 2-step verification

Floify's milestones provide an easy loan tracking visual for borrowers as well as serving as the triggers for origination teams to send customizable email and text message updates to borrowers, referral partners, and other loan stakeholders.

With the rollout of Multiple Milestone Sets, loan originators were given the power to create unique collections of milestones to match the different loan workflows they employ. So whether an LO is originating an FHA loan, or working with a self-employed borrower, the status updates and indicators will line up with the process.

2-Step Verification

floify apply now credit automation

Lenders, loan originators, and their teams can place an additional layer of security upon their Floify account by activating 2-step verification.

When 2-step verification is active, users will be required to enter two separate pieces of information in order to log in to Floify: their account's password and a unique one-time code. Without this code, potential intruders are unable to access your Floify account.

Reporting & Analytics V2

floify reporting version 2

Building on the success of last year's Reporting & Analytics dashboard launch, our team went back to work on a second version of the popular feature.

Version two increased the number of trackable metrics available on the dashboard, and added new visualizations for analytics such as median loan application start to submit time, loans by creation source, and more.

These additional metrics will help origination teams dive deep into their loan application process, get a feel for the quality of the documents their borrowers upload to Floify, as well as determine which channels and landing pages are responsible for the most loan file creations.

iOS and Android Mobile Apps Redesign

floify apply now credit automation

This year we released a massive overhaul of our iOS and Android mobile apps. Not only was the design beautifully refreshed, but much more functionality has been added via several releases throughout the year.

Finally, LOs can see their entire pipeline, request and review/approve/reject documents, check off milestones, and much more, on our mobile apps.

Additionally, this new redesign has made it possible for companies to work with Floify to create a white-labeled version of our mobile apps that will have its own app store listing and branding.

Get more information and find where to download our mobile apps, here.

Floify TPO

floify apply now credit automation

This year we launched two new products to complement our core offering. The first of which is Floify TPO.

Floify TPO is a new automation solution for wholesale lenders that helps break down time-consuming and expensive process bottlenecks that exist between lender, broker, and borrower in traditional TPO relationships – and replaces them with a dynamic, inclusive digital workflow.

By using Floify TPO, wholesale lenders can leverage the availability of industry-leading technology to both entice new third-party originators as well as make dramatic efficiency and communication improvements for all parties in the transaction.

Floify TPO is currently in Early Release. Wholesale lenders can find more information about this new product, here.


floify apply now credit automation

The second new product offering that we developed this year is Floify+ — a complete loan origination solution for mortgage brokers.

Floify+ builds off all of the beloved functionality of the Floify core platform and adds broker-specific functionality like Dual AUS, mortgage call reports, and more, to create an end-to-end origination solution for our broker customers.

Floify+ is currently in Early Release. Mortgage Brokers can find more information about this new product, here.

New Partners and Integrations

Not all of our development work this year was focused on features and functionality. Several new partners were integrated into the Floify platform, adding more best-in-class solution providers to our expanding library of available integrations.


Floify's partnership with LoanBeam gives loan originators streamlined access to LoanBeam's OCR-powered automated income analysis.Once enabled, Floify customers who subscribe to LoanBeam's income calculation and verification solution can automate the classification and extraction of data from templated tax documents submitted via Floify in just a few clicks.

Unify CRM

We continued to add integrations with mortgage industry-leading CRM solutions, this time by our partnership with Unify CRM.

With this integration, loan originators can connect their Unify CRM with Floify to ensure automatic contact creation and make it much easier to deploy Unify-powered marketing resources and campaigns to new applicants.

Freddie Mac

Floify's recent partnership with Freddie Mac has enabled us to integrate Freddie's Loan Product Advisor automated underwriting system into the Floify+ product offering.

Once integrated, mortgage brokers will be able to quickly and easily run LPA findings by utilizing borrower data pulled from a Floify loan application. Furthermore, brokers can run dual AUS reports by also taking advantage of our existing integration with Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter AUS.

What's Next?

Our product roadmap for 2022 is already well in development. Expect to see more customer-suggested enhancements, an emphasis on eClosing technology, expanded functionality for Floify TPO and Floify+, and even more impactful integrations.

We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to serve so many mortgage professionals in 2021 and are looking forward to continuing to make Floify the platform of choice for loan originators, lenders, and those they serve in 2022.