floify 1003 co-pilot

Co-Pilot a Loan Application – Now Available in Floify

Co-Pilot a Loan Application – Now Available in Floify

Floify’s new 1003 Co-Pilot feature helps loan originators provide their borrowers and prospects with live, on-screen assistance during the process of completing their loan application.

With Co-Pilot, LOs gain another powerful way to get complete applications into their pipeline faster and take their modern borrower experience to the next level.

Helpful Guidance Right When It’s Needed

Floify edit loan application co-pilot

During the critical first days of the mortgage process, borrower frustration can derail a deal before it has a chance to gain any traction. That frustration often stems from confusion about the loan application and what data to add to the form.

Floify’s Co-Pilot empowers LOs to get out in front of these issues as they arise and provide guidance to the borrower at the exact moment they need help with their loan application.

Prior to converting a 1003 into a live loan flow, LOs can invite borrowers to edit their loan applications while working alongside them simultaneously in a collaborative environment to get the form completed accurately, quickly, and with less friction.

Smooth and Intuitive Co-Editing

floify 1003 co-pilot in action

Floify’s Co-Pilot is designed to make the 1003 editing process easy and intuitive for both lenders and borrowers.

All co-editors benefit from color-coded visual cues used to identify who is actively working on the application and exactly what part of the document they are editing. And, to prevent any hiccups, the system also ensures that two parties cannot edit the same field simultaneously.

As changes are made to the application, both the lender and borrower see the updates taking place in real-time on their screen.

Co-Pilot is an exciting new addition to Floify and the platform’s modern, web-based 1003 loan application and is now available for all subscribers at no additional cost.