Integrate Your eEndorsements Reputation Management System

Mortgage professionals who utilize eEndorsements' reputation management system to automate the collection and sharing of borrower reviews can now connect the system with their Floify point-of-sale to instantly trigger survey requests upon the completion of a mapped Floify milestone.

When the integration is configured and active, originators will be able to:

  • Seamlessly capture more client reviews when a loan is funded by automatically triggering a survey request from eEndorsements.

The workflow to utilize the integration is made incredibly simple. Once an originator completes the loan process in Floify, they will check off a final "Loan Funded" milestone. With this action, the borrower's contact information is sent to eEndorsements, where a new contact is created in the system and a survey request is then sent to the borrower.


About eEndorsements

eEndorsements is a reputation management content system designed for business and individual professionals. Capture more customer reviews, share those across social media, review sites and mortgage websites automatically.

  • Gather customer reviews easily
  • Control the content
  • Push reviews to the sites that matter
  • Gain credibility through third party verified reviews

Promote your company’s success and turn customers into brand advocates. An overwhelming percentage of consumers read reviews to make buying decisions. eEndorsements makes capturing customer reviews easy. They help to control the content and influence brand image on the sites that are most influential to your business. eEndorsements provides an easy singular pathway for customer reviews providing verification for each review. Verified reviews create added credibility for your prospective audience building trust, confidence and converting more sales.

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