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Floify customers utilizing the Perfect LO solution can now seamlessly pull borrower data into their Floify Prospects – allowing for quick conversion to a live loan flow!

Once the Perfect LO app is installed from the Floify App Store, your Floify Prospects area will populate a button for quick access to your Perfect LO questionnaires. In a few quick clicks, your prospect data will populate into Floify Prospects where you can then continue to fill the 1003 loan application, or start a loan flow to collect borrower documentation.

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How to Install

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About PerfectLO


The founders of PerfectLO knew there was a better way to initiate the mortgage process. They used their extensive industry knowledge to construct a detailed, interactive questionnaire that systematically and intelligently asks all the right questions.

No more inaccurate loan applications due to assumptions or inadequate fact-finding. No more unnecessary credit pulls or wasted time and money on loans that will never be closed. No more missed questions that require additional documentation.

The result is a simplified and streamlined process that leads to clean and accurate approvals.

Learn more at WWW.PERFECTLO.COM.

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