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Since you are a fan of the Loan Officer Strategy Sessions podcast series by Andrew Soss, you have likely gained incredibly valuable information about how to get ahead in the mortgage industry. In his series, Soss discusses everything from creating an amazing home loan experience for borrowers to achieving mortgage success though team culture. Soss has been a customer of Floify for more than three years and has continued to be a part of our industry-leading success. This year, Soss has partnered with Floify to give his avid podcast listeners a 25% discount off the first 4 months of their Floify subscription.

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About Loan Officer Strategy Sessions with Andrew Soss

Whether you are just starting out as an LO or if you’re a seasoned pro, Andrew Soss’s, “Loan Officer Strategy Sessions” podcast will always teach you new strategies and techniques to apply to your loan process.

Soss, the Branch Manager for Benchmark Mortgage and a well-accredited LO, has 15+ years of experience under his belt, working and succeeding in the residential finance industry. Each episode of his podcast focuses on valuable strategies for developing LOs who want to get ahead in the industry. Although Soss is the series host, each episode features various lending pros who touch on every topic under the mortgage industry sun.

Though his podcasts, Soss discounts the idea that the mortgage process is a bore, and that it, in fact, can be interesting and fun.

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