Floify’s Preferred Partners

Encompass Integrations

Floify's preferred partners for Encompass include developers for custom tools, plugins, utilities, custom workflows, input forms, compliance management, administrator toolbelts, automation, efficiency enhancements and other solutions to help enterprise lenders further streamline their lending processes.

Brimma Tech

Brimma Supercharges lender technology platforms so they can continually “wow” customers month after month. Brimma represents a tight-knit tribe of like-minded mortgage technology innovators who have consistently delivered game-changing CRM/POS/LOS integrated solutions over the past two decades. We partner with lenders to optimize processes, integrate legacy systems and deliver new Cloud-AI/REST API-based innovations that really move the workflow needle.

Some of Brimma Tech's specific solutions include: Encompass SDK/API Integration - Workflow, AI-Robotic Process Automation, Rialto AI-Chat Real-Time Data Retrieval, “Quick App/ReApp”, Automated Vendor Orders, Mobile Rate Locks/Extensions, and more.

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Mortgage Website Development

Floify's web development partners assist loan originators and brokers with creating a website to establish and maintain brand presence in the mortgage marketplace. The services our web development partners provide can range from building a simple single static page of plain text to complex web applications, electronic businesses, and social network services.

Vonk Digital

Vonk Digital is a turnkey mortgage marketing website platform exclusively for the mortgage industry. Vonk Digital helps mortgage originators, brokers, branches, and IMBs leverage the internet as part of the modern-day sales process. Integrate your Floify application seamlessly into team bio pages, "Apply Now" Buttons, and more. 

Explore how Vonk Digital's mortgage website platform, integrated with Floify, can power the front end your tech stack. Book a demo to see Vonk Digital in action.

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Mortgage Lead Generation

Floify's preferred partners that specialize in lead generation services can assist loan originators, real estate agents, insurance agents, and attorneys with attracting and generating more quality leads with little to no setup required.


leadPops is the only full-service mortgage marketing platform built to help you maximize lead generation and ROI. Born from developing lead conversion solutions for big players like Zillow and Bankrate, leadPops brings the same technology and strategies to Brokers and Originators who want to generate their own exclusive leads (instead of buying leads from a middle man, or relying on Realtors).

The leadPops offering includes semi-custom "ConversionPro" Websites for Mortgage Brokers/Loan Officers/Real Estate Agents, Lead Generation Funnels, PLUS a variety of marketing services, including: Facebook & Google ads, Local SEO, Reputation Management and much more.

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