Connect and Integrate Your Systems

From day one, we've recognized the need to build a system that could easily incorporate the best-of-breed business applications that our customers already use and love.

That's why Floify has always included an open REST API and a robust set of native integrations.

New additions to the platform such as Floify's third-party integrations – a growing library of add ons that can be easily installed to your Floify – and Business Rule webhooks further cement Floify's position as the single access hub for your mortgage operations.


Native Integrations

Floify provides integrations to many business platforms that busy loan originators require to do their job at a high level.

We've directly integrated with leading storage, productivity, eSignature, and asset verification solutions, including SlackDropbox, BoxGoogle Drive, DocMagicDocuSign, AccountChek, and more!

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Floify 3rd Party Integrations

Launched in early 2017, the Floify's 3rd party integrations provide a framework for 3rd party vendors to create installable, branded integrations with the Floify platform.

Floify's integrations have quickly grown to contain a number of credit reporting agencies, including Alliance 2020, SharperLending, Sarma, AdvantageCredit, and more; employment and income verification from Equifax's The Work Number; homeowners insurance quotes from Hippo Insurance; plus additional apps on the way!

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REST API / Webhooks

Floify is an easily integrated platform, highlighted by an ever-expanding set of REST API endpoints and webhooks.

The system is developer-friendly to give our customers and partners the opportunity to build custom integrations between their favorite business systems.

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