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Since you are a fan of the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast series by Geoff Zimpfer, you have likely gained incredibly valuable information about how to get ahead in the mortgage industry. In his weekly series, Zimpfer covers everything you need to know about mortgage marketing, from growth strategies to the latest tech tools. To help show his appreciation for his podcast's continued success, Zimpfer has partnered with Floify to provide his avid podcast listeners with a 25% discount off of the first four months of their Floify subscription.

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About Mortgage Marketing Radio with Geoff Zimpfer

With well-known and knowledgeable guests gracing his show every week, Geoff Zimpfer and his Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast series is the perfect complement to a career in mortgage lending, regardless of whether you’re an LO just starting out or a seasoned pro.

As the National Sales Coach for Movement Mortgage and author of Instant Referrals for Mortgage Professionals, Geoff Zimpfer has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. In only three years as a retail mortgage originator, Zimpfer racked up an impressive $37 million in loan volume! Each episode of his podcast provides listeners with tips and tricks to apply throughout the loan process on every topic under the mortgage-industry sun.

In his podcasts, Zimpfer provides valuable information based on his own professional experience as well as the experience of others. When you listen to Mortgage Marketing Radio, you are on track to rule the mortgage world with an iron fist.

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