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Streamline Your Mortgage Office

Mortgage Borrower Portal and Loan Document Management

Loan application; Documention requests; Mortgage milestones; eSignature

Give your borrowers the straightforward, secure mortgage experience they desire

Secure, streamlined, and intuitive for borrowers. Automated document gathering and efficient document management for originators and support staff. Floify's mortgage borrower portal will change the way that you work with borrowers.

From their portal, your borrowers can:

  • Upload requested documentation
  • Complete a full or short 1003
  • Enable automated asset verification
  • Monitor loan status
  • Acknowledgements (ex: Don't take on new debt!)
  • DocuSign electronically
  • Download forms for wet signature
modal window for upload of mortgage documents to floify

Give your borrowers the experience they want

Discover new levels of efficiency and organization

Secure Mortgage Document Collection

Email is not a secure option for your borrowers to send in their loan documents (not to mention the clutter in your inbox).
Your borrowers deserve to know that you take the security and privacy of their confidential information seriously. Here at Floify, it is our job to help you deliver on that promise.
  • Designed with security in mind
  • Latest and most secure servers and technology
  • Data is encrypted during upload/download/rest

Loan Document Management System – Organized and Efficient

Instantly know the details of your pipeline
  • Quickly analyze status of documents owed
  • Intuitive red/yellow/green "buckets" show what's owed/awaiting-approval/accepted
  • Sort documents by category (income, assets, etc.)
  • Adjustable deadlines keep borrowers accountable with gentle email reminders
  • Custom "quick-packs" of document requests can get any loan type up and running fast.
  • Add and remove document requests – as needed
lender dashboard document pipeline portal

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