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Streamline Your Mortgage Office

Mortgage Automation Software

Floify is the leading cloud-based mortgage automation software platform helping loan originators streamline the lending process and provide an elegant, digital mortgage experience for borrowers.

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Complete Mortgage Automation Solution from Application to Approval

Document Portal

Collect borrower documents faster with a secure, intuitive mortgage portal.

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Access a suite of controls and integrations to keep your compliance officer happy.

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Loan Origination

Save time and keep stakeholders happy with automated updates.

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Automated Verification

Quickly get current and accurate documentation direct from source.

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Mortgage Processing

Realize a new level of processing speed with an efficient, organized solution.

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Integrated Software Solutions

We don’t want to change how you work — we want to make it better. That’s why we integrate with the leading document storage, task management, and data verification platforms.

Learn Why Our Customers Love Using Floify

Noele Reynolds

Loan Partner I
Ryan Smith Team Waterstone Mortgage

It is so user friendly. I think I'm not especially tech-savvy, and feel pretty comfortable getting things done! I advocate for "Flo", as we call it, often to our other teams.

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