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Streamline Your Mortgage Office

Automated Loan Status and Milestone Updates

Save time and make sure your customers and partners stay in-the-loop every step of the way.

With Floify's automated loan status updates, the only time your phone will ring is for new business.

automated loan status updates and milestones
Floify's automated loan status and milestone notification feature is appreciated by originators, borrowers, referral partners, and any other third party that is invested in the progress of a loan. In seconds, loan stakeholders are kept happy with the timely information they seek.
For our customers this has been a true "game-changer" for their business: saving tons of time they now use to bring in new business; strengthen referral relationships with real estate agents and other partners; and providing the transparency their borrowers expect.

Save time with a communication game changer

Give your borrowers and referral partners the timely information they're asking for.

Mortgage Process Milestones

mortgage milestone visual progress bar
  • Customizable mortgage milestones to mirror your process.
  • Milestone progress bar lets borrowers visually monitor the progress of their loan.
  • Quickly send loan update emails with a single click.
  • Fully customizable email templates let you put your own voice (or a video message!) into your loan updates.
  • Keep partners in-the-loop by including them on loan updates.
checklist of mortgage process milestones

Customizable, Smartphone-friendly Email Reminders

floify deadline reminder email
  • Fully customizable email templates.
  • Mobile optimized for borrowers on the go.
  • Gentle reminders keep borrowers accountable.
  • All emails contain your branded email signature.

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